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    I think sharing writing is one of the hardest forms of public speaking because we think if they don't like our stories, they don't like *us*. My suggestion is to make those stories do the work for you. They got you into this mess! Seriously, make those stories sing and forget you're even there. Even so-so stories when presented with enthusiasm come alive.

    You can collapse later when you have the luxury to do so. Great good luck to you!

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    I'm not sure if this is a type thing, because I am an INFJ and I love public speaking. It's addictive to me - having all that attention and being able to change people's lives on a grand scale. I do think it would have to be hard to share something personal like writing, though.

    One thing you should remember that a speaker told me once is to not really go by the looks of people too much. People who are listening intently are often looking at you with a blank expression on their face. It's because they are relaxed and they are not having a one-on-one conversation. They may laugh or smile at a joke, they may nod their heads occasionally in agreement, but otherwise you are going to get a blank look. So that's normal and it shouldn't worry you.

    I think the shaking may be due to the adrenaline rush. As an introvert, any kind of public speaking is very stimulating (either in a good or bad way), and it gives you an adrenaline rush. The best way to deal with that is to breathe deeply and try to find a place immediately before and after that is calming, like a dark room where there are no people. I find myself shaking at parties merely because that much contact with people gives me too much adrenaline.

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