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    Default ENFPs - after relationship, what brings you more joy?

    So, if you are an ENFP, relationships (family, friends, romance etc) are probably the thing that bring you the most pleasure in life.

    But let's assume we didn't have human relationships in the world. What is your source of happiness?

    I'm working on synthesizing ENFP happiness (I've been working on this for 24 years and still haven't concluded much) and I need to know what makes you happy, gives you pleasure, drives you....aside from other people. So?

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    the exploration of ideas. Seeing my ideas provide benefit for the greater good. Being of service to a team committed to a goal that results in the betterment of those around me. Stuff like that.

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    I'm always striving for a goal, reaching for something, challenging myself, and securing these goals on my own. It gives me great pleasure. To set my eyes on something and then run towards it with all I've got is something I've done my entire life and it's never failed to comfort me. Even when the goal is difficult or draining.. the comfort in working towards it soothes me. If I didn't have family and friends to fall back on, this near second in my life would take center stage for sure.
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    Actually accomplishing something. It's hard for me to finish stuff I begin, so I'm very happy when I do finish something or achieve my goals., Getting praise, appreciation and recognition for what I'm doing. Winning stuff, getting high grades.

    And FOOD. Ok, I may be a bit exaggerating but a HUUUGE, delicious meal would make me very happy. Right now I'm kind of hungry, so excuse me for putting it on top of the list.

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    Little things - walks, sunny days, pretty flowers, cats, good meals, coffee, movies, and books.

    That and being able to explore new places and discuss ideas.

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    Creativity, hopefully in a social setting. One of my favourite feelings is that starring eyed zomg fantasy feeling. i thikn being creative does that quite well.
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