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I think I used the wrong word. I mean to more like empathise, to feel the need to please others in a general context. Hm... explaining awfully... like sometimes an Fi user will be very uncooperative and selfish seeming because they are followig their own personal values, rather than externally validated ones. This is normally an unhealthy trait to have, where they will put no importance on others feelings and only their own. And on a different level I also meant it in a situational context, where Fi users aren't necessarily going to be all perfectly gregarious and loving around other people. Not to say that they were necessarily mean or anything. just that they aren't all like this.
daww. cute picture. i agree with you on all this. sorry about the misinterpretation

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I have a sort of reverence for trees.
me too

i like spiders well enough too and try to save them when i can, especially cause around here they eat mosquitoes! sometimes i'll kill a spider if it looks especially like a black widow or a recluse, though. i don't want them to get my pets. i feel bad, but it's the circle of life... plus like someone else was saying their nervous systems are pretty simple. i don't think they go through existential turmoil regarding their deaths.