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imo it was nasty Fe usage of your wording to make herself sound superior.

more and more i'm coming to think that Fi mostly "talks" in feeling tones (tone of voice / inflection / cadence / emphasis / looks / body language) and it doesn't matter so much what the exact words are. it's why we're so good at telling when people don't mean what they say... so much of it is in how it's being said.

sadly that also means people can take our less-important exact wording and cast it in an entirely different light.

most Fs seem to like talking in person better for that reason, anyway. so much more can be communicated and understood than simply the text that is written or the words that are said.
I think this is true as well-Fi doesnt use words but instead a lot of subtle glances/reflections/tones the other person gives off. It is about the tone they use, not the exact words. I often use totally the wrong word and dont really mind.

In text land, I can place my ideas out there but I cannot find any information regarding emotional tone to take back up-unlike what the Fe users seem to mention. There are no faces to watch or tones of voice to listen to, no body movements to observe. I take what I see written as exactly what was meant-nothing more. Thus I appear to come across as a total abrasive, know it all bitch while being simultaneously oblivious. This really bothers me as it isnt something I am like in person.