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    Quote Originally Posted by copperfish17 View Post
    I didn't miss it. I was objecting to your perception of INTPs (whatever INTPs deduce with their Te, they consider it the universal truth), not your understanding/validation of that statement.

    If you understood that sentence, I can be sure you have more Ti than I'm giving you credit for right now.

    How can that last part be a "universal" truth when I'm talking about my perceptions of a single individual?
    As in that's what I am because you said that's what I am. Based on a handful of online encounters where I don't "know" your little quirks.
    George Bernard Shaw in cartoon form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starry View Post
    Quite a few years ago I read – don’t remember if it was a book, mag, online – that in scientifically controlled studies NFs were able to identify other NFs in the room full of individuals from all Types with remarkable accuracy.

    Now here is where my memory goes fuzzy so I certainly cannot be ‘quoted’ on this…but I believe the #1 reason they gave for being able to identify other NFs was because of a ‘look in the eye’. And I believe NFs were the only group that could really do this when compared to NT, SP, SJ.

    I guess I was just wondering if anyone knows of the studies I refer to (and want to find)…and if anyone experiences this as well.

    In a way it is challenging for me to discuss because I run the ‘risk’ of saying NFs are ‘the most remarkable’…and that is not what I mean at all. Like, I really, really like the earthiness of SPs and the humor & insight of NTs, etc. But I feel like I too can identify NFs. They seem to have a ‘stronger to me’ vibration or something. Crazy talk?
    i've never externalized this, but i've noticed that, in photos, Js often have closed mouths or slightly pursed lips and Ps are more soft-mouthed. Js also seem to have a more penetrating gaze and Ps somehow less focused (there was a photo of Domino and her sister which illustrates what i'm referring to, particularly the mouth aspect). and i need not point out how equally stunning they are, so watch your ass if you think i'm deeming one superior to the other or any other type you weirdos, haha. it's just a convenient illustration of what i mean.

    apart from the lip and eye expression observations, i need someone in front of me to know more about their type and i'm not always right. so much of my experience with any type is interaction-driven, although NFs and i seem to find each other quickly; same goes for NTs i'm close to. having said that, my best friend is an ESFP and i spotted that immediately (but mostly because she was wearing an Alexander McQueen feather headress, Frye boots and half-cheek booty shorts while dancing on a speaker. which, you know, made her awesome AND ESFP. took us 60 seconds to become chained at the hip[ster]).

    p.s. those who quelch dialogue with reactivity, and assume rather than contribute are like that passenger on long-haul flights: yes, it's also your flight, and, yes, you obviously have a right to be there, but must you be the one incessantly passing gas? there's a bathroom for that.
    I may be kindly, I am ordinarily gentle, but in my line of business I am obliged to will terribly what I will at all.
    ~ Catherine the Great

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