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    Default anyone here in an ENFP / INFJ couplehood ?

    i am! i am an enfp with an infj SO . . . i just wanted comments / stories / good parts / bad parts . . . i don't know . . . i just know my infj is the ONE - - let's share i don't know why i'm not hearing more about this on the forum? it seems like infjs are usually into other introverts or enTps? maybe a young enfp is hard on the infj? whereas an older, calmed down enfp is what will work for infj?

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    I've known an older couple I believe are ENFP/INFJ and they have a wonderful relationship. They have at least a ten year age difference and it is a second marriage for the ENFP. I think he learned a lot from the failure of his first marriage, which, along with being a bit older and having a more compatible partner has probably contributed to the success of their relationship. They are pretty amazing.

    He's really good about letting his INFJ sleep in while he goes off to the cafe for breakfast to socialize and respects her introversion. She doesn't expect him to be a hermit at home with her and goes along for the ride pretty well.
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    I think INFJ / ENFP would be a fairly perfect match. Most of both the women and men that I think are amazing are all ENFJ or ENFP.

    My one piece of advice is to always let your INFJ know how much you care especially for her/him. ENFP's have a tendency to be very busy and just love everyone, and it is really important for an INFJ to know that there is a special love reserved specifically for him/her.

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