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    Default idealists & perfection - pippin

    hey NFs,

    have you ever seen the musical pippin? i just watched it tonight, and i thought its message was really interesting, especially given NFery.

    (hidden text to come = finale spoilers. they're not necessary to know, though pertinent if you've already seen it/don't care.)

    i know that as an idealist i have a lot of trouble reconciling not being completely happy and not finding the "perfect" situation, and pippin is basically about a character who is so busy searching for perfect ideals that he misses what's under his nose: he's so busy searching for his purpose that he misses opportunities, so busy searching for freedom that he misses chances to make real change, so busy searching for the perfect mate that he misses spending time with someone he loves and loves him, and in the end, almost commits suicide because it appears idealized in his mind - the "grand finale".

    there's a character called the "leading player" in the musical, who in some ways functions as pippin's superego, leading him on these quests for perfection, yet ultimately driving him towards suicide. pippin acts on these ideals, and yet always falls short of what he wants.

    it seems like the point of the musical is that life can't be idealistic, and if we always try to make it that way, we'll always be unhappy, because we'll always fall short of the goals we set up for ourselves. in essence, ideals are... well, ideal, but never realistic. locking oneself into only seeing ideals is essentially locking oneself in for utter failure - in pippin's case, almost ending in the grandest failure of failure to keep living.

    the musical is strange and anachronistic and cynical but also fun sometimes. i recommend it.

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    interesting. sounds very cool. never heard of it but doubt ut plays in europe
    anyway the little bit of what u desrcibed about pippin reminded me of aux Ne missing chances yet searching them all the time

    i was just thinking yesterday - i am not sure how much word "idealist" describes me, or stereotype in general. I am more "proactive", will do anything to make ans enforce changes even if others give up, but its not so suggary feelery as described.. i will do them because it doesnt make any sense not to do them. not real reason besides that, its just to keep moving ahead - that makes sense

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