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    Quote Originally Posted by Xellotath View Post
    Evolution =/= Progress
    This is important to remember. The way I think about it is that evolution fits whatever direction (forward, backward or off to the side) things are going in.

    We developed an inability to house all our wisdom teeth because we began to farm, cook and eat meat; not because a smaller jaw was necessarily better but because it no longer suited our needs.

    So. ..maybe developing into more emotional beings has more to do with sustaining our current social structures rather than becoming "better" at something or progressing in anyway.

    Whenever people bring up bigger as better or more as better or anything closer to modern anatomical human brains as "better" I always bring up how Homo sapiens idaltu had a larger brain but never made it out of Ethiopia or how the Neanderthals had larger brains than homo erectus but also went extinct.
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    I think emotions are all about evolution - that is, they give us motivation to change things, for without those basic desires, man would be fighting with sticks and stones.

    It gives us a will, a drive to manifest our wishes, bring them into realization and give them immanence.

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    - As RW said it gives us a reason to change things. If we desire a result we will seek to change it and if we hate the idea of a result we will seek to avoid it. An emotional fear of another type of animal which has historically been an antagonist would cause the subject to take steps to ensure their fears aren't actualised. By fear of dying they avoid being killed before they can pass on their genes.

    - A key one (IMO) is that emotions drive up the paternal/maternal instincts of an animal. Simply put, a love and desire to nurture one's young at the expense of logic or reason brings an evolutionary advantage because the mother is no longer relevant to the survival of the species outside of a supporting role (unless she has more children). Her survival tactics and hunting efficiency are compromised in pursuit of parental protection but they can afford to be. Having the children survive until they are old enough to pass on their genes is all what evolution cares about. If the mother must die for her children then so be it.

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    Please remember that Fi/Te and Fe/Ti are pairs that form a whole.

    It's kind of hard to imagine how one will develop without the other.

    Just reminding you of this basic Jungian principle.

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    The emotional evolution of homo sapiens is driven by child rearing practices.

    Over the millennium child rearing practices have evolved in four steps, giving four personality types.

    And as we have prospered so our child rearing practices have evolved and improved, from child sacrifice, to abusive child rearing, to authoritarian child rearing, and last to the helping mode of child rearing.

    The first is the practice of child sacrifice, producing the paranoid personality, because having seen a sibling sacrificed, we wonder if we will be next.

    An improvement on child sacrifice is an abusive child rearing, where rather than a sibling losing their life, we are blamed and scapegoated, and blame and abuse ourselves.

    And an improvement on an abusive child rearing is the authoritarian child rearing, where a sibling is not killed, nor are we blamed, but rather we learn to take orders. And of course we can't give orders unless we learn first to take orders. And so we have the successful authoritarian personality.

    And the improvement on the authoritarian child rearing is the helping mode of child rearing, where the parent helps the child meet their life goals. And the helping mode of child rearing gives the empathic and creative personality.

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    I've been reading about evolutionary ethics lately (moreso the philosophical side than the science).

    Basically, cooperation made it easier for people to survive, so evolution developed tendencies towards empathy, group communication, and justice (punishing free-riders who wouldn't hunt but ate all the food, for example). Those tendencies were the building blocks for the ethical systems we have today.

    What I find philosophically interesting is that there will never be a scientific claim that will tell us what is morally right. It can tell us what appeals to our evolutionary tendencies, but whether or not we out to do that thing is an extra step. For example, evolution may show us how same-sex marriages were useful and preferable to homosexual relationships, but does that mean that homosexuality is wrong? Surely not. It's hard to believe in morality as some sort of deeper reality while faced with evolutionary biology imo. They're not completely incompatible, but we may be forced to say that the sources of our moral intuitions may not have anything to do with 'the moral truth' at all.
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    I think it's simple. There is one theory, that says only whales and dolphins have developed a left part of brian to the point they might be able of empathy, compassion and long lasting emotions. I guess developing this kind of feelings such as empathy, emotionality could be the part of our emotial evolution. But also we have one thing, that no animal has been prooven to have. It's consciousness. With developing of this consciousness, here comes the feeling of being awere of our own existence. I believe there is a strong connection with being selfish, egocentric, easily hurt, sensitive, breed resentment against someone, or feel lonely, or also feel understood. This is really what animals could just hardly feel.
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