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    When i'm drunk i can actually talk about emotions ... In my normal state i just tend to show it in a "fix the problem" way .
    Funny enough .. As an intp i just travel for different escenarios and try to understand most of them but reality is just too fast for that ...

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    Let's see:
    She loves cuddling, hand in hand touching,... Etc, and I'm okay with that. She showers me with I love yous and I just reply with I know. She sends me tons of pictures of her and I just roast her.

    Yep. I don't think I'm subtle at all at this point. I lost my mojo. Fuck.
    الخَيلُ وَاللَيلُ وَالبَيداءُ تَعرِفُني *** وَالسَيفُ وَالرُمحُ وَالقِرطاسُ وَالقَلَمُ
    Swift steeds, dreary nights, and the desolate wasteland, all know me full well
    As do the sword, the spear, the paper and the pen.

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