I think I might be a six, because i'm oversensitive to things going wrong, and I imagine the worst possible outcome coming to effect all the time.

I remember one time my father was late home from work, and even though he called and said he was busy there, I knew something was up and it was bad. And it turned out to be. Once he called from work and I could sense from his voice something was up, and I had a bad feeling the goodbye he said would be the last one. I never asked him about it, but I think I was right; something tragic was on the verge of occurring, and it didn't quite come to manifest.

It's come to my attention that i've recently been over estimating the potential for troubles and issues in my job. I see something, pull together a few bits of information, and see the possible effects. And I wish to take pro active and decisive measures to keep these things from happening.