I know this person, he first off is bipolar and his personality tested as ENFJ. he really gets on my nerves, and I disconnect from him but some how he manages to come back into my life through people i friends. there are so many reasons i avoid this person. he has a tendency to pick at people`s issues by asking indirect questions, he then sits there with a smile staring at thier expressions on their face to see their response. its rather dark, I pointed out on one occasion when he was nosing through one of his "friends" personal life with questions. her husband was cheating and she was not ready to talk about it. he kept asking, do you think your husband would like this or that. you remember when your husband said that? why is your husband always so busy?
he always goes about testing people that way. this is where the creepiness comes out, i went out with a friends who is also in contact with him, we went to get some beer. I decided to step outside my area of comfort, intro myself to some new people, out of no where when i begin saying hi to someone and we hit it off, he comes in and centers attention on himself or tries to get me to go with him in a different direction. there is some control going on. he has the charm of getting into my life, through other people.
anyway your thoughts and feed back on dealing with this person is welcomed