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    Default Pudding With A Hint Of Christianity

    The purpose of this thread is a response to my pastor Ho-ming. Here I'll list some of the things i see as an eNfJ in this world. *Note* I'll be popping in and out depending on how "Ni" i feel, i hope that my thoughts here will be in the most organized manner possible, sorry Ho-mie if you don't understand this (Me thinks i am still learning MBTI so don't quote me on everything i say, i have to say that i got the hang of it)

    Referring back to my countless emails that i sent you, I'm now going to summarize all my thoughts in this thread rather than having your head explode from the 10* page email that i could be sending you. Nu I'm just kiddin

    Around a year ago during career night, i happened to stumble across the life sciences room. I don't know if it was just coincidence but by gods grace he has introduced me to this tool that i well never forget in till death we part. This was the pinnacle of my life during my early 16's, my road to self discovery began here. AND as a christian i urge you to contemplate on what I'm about to tell you. Plz pray to god about this and hope you'll learn something out of this.

    While i was listening to the doctor speaking, he introduced me to this tool that analyzes your personality type. It's not like one of those random personality type quizzes online, however it's not pseudoscience. It's actually proven to work and a lot of research has been done on it, a lot of theories and a lot of practical application. If you ever have any doubts and say like "I don't care about this or "Stop changing my life" whatever the heck you might think. Read this article before you go "Yay" or "Nay"

    - What's the BUZZ? - MBTI is NOT a pseudoscience. Check your facts,

    *A Little History*
    This Personality type quiz or tool actually derives from the study of temperaments where you have people talk about things like "Sanguine, Melancholy, Choleric" and things like that. MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a more refined version of it.

    *How It Works*
    I'll refer to you to this website for you which contains every detail of the quiz. This quiz is like a chart with 2 columns and 4 rows so making it 8 boxes. Therefore you can have at max 16 personality types. However I'll form my own chart and let you decide if you want to take the super test that gives you a heck lot more of information (Sticky)

    *Website Link*
    Personality Tests and Type Profiles

    *Tip before taking the test*

    I notice that we should humble ourselves before we take the test, i notice that many men pride themselves as thinkers rather than feelers because guys tend to take a one sided approach when talking about "feelings". They think it's emo, it's soft, it's just disgusting?. No it is not disgusting because I'm a guy too, I knows how u guys feel. I thought of myself as an ENTJ the whole time i was an ENFJ, funny because i too didn't want to admit that I was all sentimental. Sometimes i would be mistaken for a girl online because i was just trying to be nice. Honestly i would say that pride is BS, it won't do you any good pretending to be something false. In reality, i think being nice is all that counts (sticky) I'll talk more about this later into the discussion. Before you continue I'd like to give a heads up on my percentage break down of eNfJ (letters capped for a reason)

    Average from the multiple times i took the test
    Extravert: 60% Introvert: 40%

    Sensor: 10% Nintuitive: 90%

    Thinker: 33% Feeler: 67%

    Judger: 80% Perciever: 20%

    The most important thing you should take from this is summarized here:

    1. Where does your energy come from?
    Extraverts like to get energy by socializing with people hence spending time alone at home playing computers will make them feel very slobby. So you have the features of an Extravert who likes to...

    [LIST][*]Feel Energized by Being Around People[*]Tendency to Initiate conversation[*]Talk more than listen[*]Act then think[*]Are outgoing & Enthusiastic[*]Center of Attention a.k.a Jasper Lee >>

    Introverts like to keep quiet and meditate(think to themselves) a lot lot. Some of the things here a little bit exaggerated but you get the idea, if you were to pinpoint my accuracy, it should be like 101% XD. So you have the features of an Introvert who likes to...

    • Sit alone in a complete trance
    • Background worker
    • Tendency to Respond more than Initiating conversation
    • Reserved & Quiet
    • It's almost like you don't even notice them XD
    • Listen more than talk
    • Think then Act

    2. How do you take in information?
    Sensors are people who basically like to live in the moment, they love details and also like mostly practical things. So you have features of a Sensor who likes/to...

    • Likes to focus on details and specifics
    • They admire practical things
    • Practical things, they don't like theory so much
    • Practical Thinker
    • They like to live in the moment
    • Like to reuse learned sills
    • Like Step-By-Step Instructions
    • Notices and remember details & facts
    • Trust actual experience
    • *Sigh*

    Nintuitive's are people who like to live in the future, this word is actually supposed to be "Intuitive" but the "N" letter is supposed to help distinguish the 2 "I"s (Introverts and Intuitive, 1 of them has to be different letter). So like the definition of Intuitive, they use their gut feeling more than using practical approaches. So you have features of Nintuitive's who likes/to

    • Lives in the future
    • Looks for future possibilities
    • They love and notice* creativity
    • Like to deal with theory and general topics
    • Fast paced learners
    • Can see the potential in probably everyone they meet
    • See's the world as imperfect and would like to change it
    • Abstract Thinker
    • Prefer to learn new skills
    • Notices anything new or different
    • Trusts their gut feeling

    3. How do you make decisions?
    This is toughy because it's very hard to find someone that is very belanced in both Feeler and Thinker Sides. Sometimes they may be a complete jerk (Cehm Ho-Ming) or someone who is like a complete dope/emo (thnkfully i haven't met one yet, ou..maybe i have? *chuckles*). I'll (sticky) this too because I'll discuss a little about this again at a later time.

    Thinkers are just like they say, logical and the brainiac in the class, "UGNNH" dammit lol y can't i be the genius here (Ou but i am in this thread ). So some of the features of a thinker is...

    • Make decisions objectively
    • Appear cool and reserved
    • Are most convinced by rational arguments
    • Are honest and direct
    • Value honesty and fairness
    • Take few things personally
    • Are good at seeing flaws
    • Are motivated by achievement
    • Argue or debate issues for fun

    Feelers don't sound as bad as it appears, they have a lot of good points too. Girlies . Dude my Thinker/Feeler pie is mostly feeler so everyone don't discriminate plz & thnkyou. So some of the features you might see in a Feeler is...

    • Decide based on their values & feelings
    • Appear warm and friendly
    • Are most convinced by how they feel
    • Are diplomatic and tactful
    • Value harmony and compassion
    • Take many things personally
    • Are quick to compliment others
    • Are motivated by appreciation # Avoid arguments and conflicts

    4. What is your Life Style?
    Ah my favorite section, your life style. You can tell a lot by just looking at someones life style. Whether they're messy or organized, same like looking at someones shoes to see if they have style sense.

    Judgers are people who naturally like to get things "over it". They'll be restless till it's completed, so...whoevers mom keeps on nagging on them. MOST likely it is a Judger. So some features you might see in a Judger is...

    • Like to have things settled
    • Take responsibilities seriously
    • Pay attention to time & are usually prompt
    • Prefer to finish projects
    • Work first, play later
    • Seek closure
    • See the need for most rules # Like to make & stick with plans
    • Find comfort in schedules

    Percievers are people that are like my brother and father, they have very messy desks and it looks like a toilet there . Messy, Messy, Messy. Don't get me wrong, Perceivers have a helll lot of fun, more chill than judgers. Sooo, some features you might see in a perciever is ...

    • Like to keep their options open
    • Are playful and casual
    • Are less aware of time and may run late
    • Prefer to start projects
    • Play first, work later
    • May have difficulty making some decisions
    • Question the need for many rules
    • Like to keep plans flexible
    • Want the freedom to be spontaneous

    After the Test
    If you're still confused about whether you're a Extravert or Introvert,Sensor or Intuitive, Feeler or Thinker, and what not, you can either do the super test or go on this website which i found pretty neat

    - What's the BUZZ? - You might be an E

    - What's the BUZZ? - You might be an

    - What's the BUZZ? - You might be an S

    - What's the BUZZ? - MBTI: YOU MIGHT BE AN “N”(iNTuitive)…

    - What's the BUZZ? - You might be a Thinker

    - What's the BUZZ? - Signs of a Feeling Preference

    - What's the BUZZ? - You might be a

    - What's the BUZZ? - You Might be a

    So that's how it all works out, interesting stuff i must say. Now when i say "typing" someone it will mean that I'm trying to determine their type okej?

    I'll briefly talk about some of them, when you're finding out your type, you can't always say that every ISFJ is the same with the other. NO it doesn't work out like that, the letters just tell you their tendency's to do things and what they'll usually prefer to do(which is pretty much what they'll do). The most important thing imo is the fact that you start to develop these letters when you're growing up as an infant. Using the test to try and type smaller children or even mentally disabled people OR even pets(yes you can use on pets) can sometimes be inaccurate so to speak.

    Just remember that humans are always still developing. When i say this, there are certain letters than are permanent and there are some where you can develop. For example, you cannot change the fact that you get energy from talking to someone rather than meditating. An instance of this is when my mom(ESTJ) used to say that "people are always developing, the letters always change" (in her chinese wordings), and says things like "What if they have god in them". Really? GOD changes your way of getting energy? No heck no, you can't just decide one day that you'll meditate to gain energy. nononono. wrong way of thinking bro.

    Secondly, you cannot change between your Sensing and Inuitive letters because that's how you take in information, that's how you'll always see things. enuff said.

    However i know for a fact that when you had God in your life, it can make you develop your "Feeler" or "Thinker" traits depending on what you're more exposed to. When you truly love god and abide by his commandments + reading the bible, you will develop a sense of his love and thus you'll be able to love others. Same goes with the 'Thinker' preference, i believe this can also be developed as you grow older or handle more logical things(imo)

    Nonetheless if your overall letter is like "F" for example, you'll usually make decision with that first. The only thing i can say about the feeler and thinker trait is more of the "Nature vs Nurture", this should be pretty straight forward but I myself am not too in-depth with this area of psychology but it does have to do with the fact that some traits are naturally passed on and some of them are developed (so there you go, Nature vs Nurture in developing your T of F preference)

    Lastly, you cannot change your lifestyle but u can adapt, take for example my dad(INTP). My mom says he's very organized at work and usually around us. He wants to get to church on time but if you take a look at his man-cave or his working room, it's like a mess. Full of papers, pens, batteries, etc. Just like my brother(ESTP), so no you cannot change a lot of your lifestyle. Messy will stay messy and organized will stay organized.

    I'll talk more about my stickies a later time, this will be in-depth though

    Ahh, this is getting a little late here. 7 hours or so before church starts. I'll talk more about the practical uses and theories that i have next time. Yearns for another day

    Going to bed ~Bez
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    Whew, came back from a long and busy week. Don't know why but i've been slacking a little for a while, good thing nothing big has shown up. Only getting a few assignments there and a few tests there, somehow i'll manage.

    Continuing from last week..we were talking about the basic MBTI and how to type someone so to speak in a less detailed way. Sorri if i repeat myself, been a while since i started trying to think about the world >>.

    When you're typing someone, sometimes it's usually difficult to find their letters, most people tell me that the best way to find out someone's type is to find out their functions. So we use the "Jungian Functional Notation"

    Functions: Fe, Fi, Ti, Te, Se, Si, Ne, Ni
    F = Feeling
    I= Introverted
    T= Thinking
    E= Extraverted

    Ooo very nice, you can now remember that with the word "FITE" ya baby.
    Every person has 4 preferred function(what they normally use) and 4 shadow functions(which means that they don't use it as much until they're forced to). I noe it's weird that we have these "functions" but just to make it more understandable, treat it like some sort of magic skill that you use.

    Scenario: What do you do when you arrive at a building with a closed door
    Action: Use your 300 pound punch to break it open becuz that's what you do when you're locked outside from a building :workout:

    MBTi Scenario: What do you do when you approach someone that is very depressed or is very hurt by a certain someone.
    Action: Use your Fe(Extraverted Feeling) to try to comfort them and relate to them

    Every function that you use has a specific characteristic, some more obvious than others. I'm not the most educated in this area so i'm not going to dwell on this subtopic so much. However i am still constantly striving to learn this to perfection

    For me, as an ENFJ individual my functions are

    Dominant: Extraverted Feeling (Fe)
    Auxiliary: Introverted Intuition (Ni)
    Tertiary: Extraverted Sensing (Se)
    Inferior: Introverted Thinking (Ti)

    Dominant Function is the function that takes up the less energy and it comes naturally to you. I'm good at being aware of other peoples motion, as well as expressing my own. I strive to keep the group healthy in their own relationships, anti-conflict for me. Sometimes this can also be used for likes and dislikes, whether to show emotion or just ignore them completely

    Auxiliary Function is supposed to support the Dominant function or in other words balance it. My Fe is usually what i use to make decisions and my Ni(introverted inuition) is used for information gathering. Sometimes when I'm in by myself i usually go into my Ni state and start thinking a hell lot.

    Tertiary Function is the function that is supposed to relax you, and also by using this function it can help you find a different answer as opposed to sticking with your Dominant and Auxiliary functions. Doing activities that involve this function will most likely de-stress you. Works for me and i use it to solve some of my problems when doing work.

    Inferior Function is basically your weakest function, you use a lot of energy when you're trying to do something that involves this function. For example, whenever I'm in Physics class i usually fall asleep. I don't know if it's from the structure of my semester but i am really disinterested when in physics. Don't like to deal with equations and thinking, augh it disgusts me. Weird because i do good in math but not in physics? . I even sometimes have a head desk moment when doing my physics homework. SO tiring...I must have fairly strong (Ti) but i constantly use it too much.

    Another example is my INTP friend who during the summer went to a cruise ship and used his (Extraverted Feeling) (Fe). He then told me during school that he was extremely tired from socializing, being friendly and being aware of other peoples emotion.

    If what I'm saying is still a little sketchy, feel free to visit this place
    Pretty much sums up nicely what I'm trying to say.

    Now this gets me thinking, if only i knew what i did best and what i didn't do so well at. I would've dropped all my computer science courses and taking something more comfortable. OH the HORROR. Dam algorithms and sequences, hurts my head. If i ever get the chance to intuit to someone younger, getting their type would probably be the first thing i would do and then tell them

    1.What they are most good at
    2.How they should relax themselves
    3.What they should avoid doing in their early ages


    MBTI sure gets more and more interesting, now there's MBTI, Jungian, and now Ennegram omg. I won't bore you to death but this (Enneagram) is what differentiates us from other types with the same letters. There are 9 different Enneagram types, i don't know why there's 9 but it's just like that. (Just like how God created Earth, just like that..). I think i might be an Enneagram Type 5 but not 100% sure, y'know it starts to get even more cooler when you introduce yourself.

    Person A: Hey tell me about yourself, i'd like to know
    Perrson B: You sure about that?
    Person A: Yes of course
    Person B: I am an ENFJ Enneagram Type 5 Christian
    Person A:

    Not going to talk so much about Enneagram because it's a little new to me but feel free to search it up.

    Next time I'll share a little bit about the uses of MBTI. Starting with typing people
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    Bump on this thread, would like to put in a reply for Razvan if he didn't get this message, don't mind this message as it is only for him. Kinda long so might as well put it here, good area to stuff this. wahahaha.

    Re: curiosity ===> Razvan

    Loll, sometimes it's not easy being an ENFJ as you always get misunderstood. My logic thinks of it like this. This world has mostly 70% sensors and only 30%Intuitives if you look at the charts. Why is it only 30%Intuitives? So does that mean that we're meant to be misunderstood? and that the sensors have it easy? Is that why there is gossip, indifference, & loners such as that?

    I wonder how hard it is to find someone that understands you fully, another Nintuitive (yush wouldn't that be nice :]?) No arguements and that connection . Who is to say that people have perfect relationships, there just aren't enough Nintuitives for us out there . If you think about it even further, most NF's would probably want another NF to connect with. But that's only 14/100 people that you find! and if you were to find NT's that's still only 12.5/100 people. The rest are just fricking Sensors.

    You know for a fact that on these forums there are 10 thousand accounts but only 2000 active members so that makes an average 5000 people that take MBTI seriously. But of the many forums on MBTI, there's not many. I would say about only 6 major MBTI forums. Average them out and that's only a total of 20-30 thousand people that know it. That's sad isn't it, Canada being a population of 30 million and only a few (10 thousand) know about MBTI. Doesn't that show how short-sighted some people are? Focusing back on the forums, they're all loveleh Nintuitives. Rarely do you see Sensors, usually the only Sensors that you would see on the forums are ISTJ or ISTP because i know that ISTJ has a good connection with Nintuitive types. Hoho, aside from all the Intuitives i see, i've seen only 1 or 2 ESTP's, and a few that i've mentioned above. Glad they joined :S

    If you put God into the problem, you can see that this world needs more workers(Sensors) than Planners(Nintuitives) makes sense right? You need more people to do the practical work than the thinking(theory). O and i don't know if i've heard of the life boat problem, if you may remind me of it

    So how often do you find someone that cares about what we care about and even less, how often do you find someone that knows MBTI and is an Intuitive? Unfortunate isn't it >>.

    Back to that question where u said i have an advantage. I would say..lolplow...
    As an ENFJ

    E: 60% I: 40%
    S:10% N:90%
    T: 33% F:67%
    J:80% P: 20%

    Of most ENFJ types, i actually want to say that i'm pretty introverted. I use my Ni a lot whenever i get the chance. Even if i'm in a group full of 100 people, i feel different, & lonely because no one understands my views of this world. No one cares about what i care about, how hard is it to find Nintuitives around here D: . So when some NF comes around to message me, i feel more relieved that i can talk to someone, even online.

    Then again I believe that it is very important to find someone that is very similar to you and their strengths compliments yours. You have what they don't have but some how it works out(weird in a sense). Talking with INFP's are pretty fun imo, they are kewl in their own way. Gah too bad i haven't met one irl yet, only friends that come close to it was an INTP and ISFP i think.

    Neways i want to know more about how to spot an INFP, mayb you can help me out.

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    October 10th, 2010

    Sunday School, dam y'know i have this sunday school teacher named Jordan Lin. I have this really big feeling that he would side more to the NF spectrum. He talks a lot* about life, a lot about the world. Biggest thing that blew me away was the fact that many people are suffering, (which reminds me a lot about my parents and many of the adults in this congregation) the first lesson i had with him. I was sweating bullets because it seemed like his "world" was in a way merging with my "world" which basically swept me off my foot. It was a hell lot to take from a mature person.

    Seriously i haven't met anyone as far as intuitive as him along with Roland Chu(who is also a great teacher and troubled father /swt). Some of the greatest teachers i've known are intuitives, rather than sensors(unfortunately). What a pity that sensors don't have that same level of maturity or that sense of awareness that intuitives have. I frikin long to have someone who i can relate to really well and one who has good understanding of this world. Ahh i am blessed to be around wise people.

    I don't know if i should say that I'm lucky because it seems that I'm one of the few people in the class who understands what he's trying to say along with some of my "N" buddies. Or maybe it's just that our classmates shows a disinterest or perhaps a confusion to the topic. Eh I'm not the one to say, maybe they're already doing that stuff. It shocked my to hear at the 3rd or 4th lesson that the 3 aspects of Faith --(Belief, Trust, and Action) cannot be done alone. I'm pretty sure that most people in this church are doing so, could be mistaken but i have a feeling that maybe Jordan could be correct(or he has a one sided view). Something interesting that i have to investigate on, oh the joy of this knowledge ^^.

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    RE: Missions Conference Oct 22, 2010

    This Mission's conference was yet another successful one, Mr.Yuan's testimony was very exciting as he detailed his journey as a Homo-sexual to a Drug Dealer, to Prison and to a god loving man who is a doctrine in theology. I was pretty amazed at how powerful his story was because i could still remember parts of his story a few years back or even a year ago. I swear he came to our church before but i didn't realize it until he told me that story again. The only part of his testimony that i remember was during his time in prison. As he was laying in his the lower part of his prison bunk bed, he looked up and on the ceiling of his bunk bed it said "If you're bored, read Jeremiah 29:11. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future".

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    RE: Missions Conference Oct 22, 2010

    This Mission's conference was very effective through the story of Christopher Yuan, Mr.Yuan's testimony was very exciting as he detailed his journey as a Homo-sexual to a Drug Dealer, to Prison and to a god loving man who is a doctrine in theology. I was pretty amazed at how powerful his story was because i could still remember parts of his story a few years back or even a year ago. I swear he came to our church before but i didn't realize it until he told me that story again. The only part of his testimony that i remember was during his time in prison. As he was laying in his the lower part of his prison bunk bed, he looked up and on the ceiling of his bunk bed it said "If you're bored, read Jeremiah 29:11. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future".
    I just laughed to myself when i heard this from him because seriously how epic was it when he told us that there was a bible verse *prepared* for him as his was in prison? Y"know what was even more exciting was when his dad came over to give his son his 'first bible" which he threw in the trash, and this parallels to the time he found a bible laying on top of the prison trash bin. WOW i must say but it could have been more movie like where he found his dads bible in the prison garbage bin, lol I'm srsly asking for too much. Nonetheless great story from Mr.Yuan

    Needless to say, this wasn't the main point of my response. When Mr.Yuan says that we become life time missionaries, it just hurt... because only a few out of many individuals can communicate/connect properly with the majority of "Sensors". As the minority of many individuals, we have a hard time relating to sensors because we naturally seem like 2 different worlds. However there are exceptions to "evangelizing". I'm quite sure that it's easier to spread the gospel in poorer places compared to North America, which means that Intuitive's should not have a problem evangelizing to people in Africa, i trust that god made it so the gospel would be *clear* to everyone.

    This isn't the main problem though, we know that everyone of all types can evangelize to people in 3rd world countries but what about Canada ..or even the U.S? People that are blessed with opportunities wealth, should we care about them even though God's focus is on the poor? I know that while we have enough missionaries to be to other places, God will send us to places other than Africa or China. The big cheese is right here in North America, where it is most difficult to bring someone to Christ. Now with the majority of the population being Sensors, it is a fact that sensors will have an easier time to evangelize than (N)intuitive's since they can 1.Connect more easier 2.Talk about the same things 3. Same Attitude towards life.

    Yet this begs another question "Do (N)intuitive's ever have a chance or the ability to evangelize in North America? The answer is "Yes but rarely do they get the chance". Getting back to the fundamentals, in the group of Intuitive's, you have the Idealist(NF's) and the Rationale's(NT's). Idealist's are more likely to be more in touch with their spirituality compared to most people, by nature of course. However NT's greatly differ because many NT's try to disprove the existence of God with as many facts and logic that they can come up with. However no one is to say that NT's can't be brought into Christ because it really depends on the strength of their thinking preference. Take my life for example, one of my best friends whom is an INTP was somewhat between the lines of a believer and an agnostic atheist. So when i first met him in a Japanese language course, i knew that he was friend material so as i befriended him, little did i know that he had a somewhat christian upbringing ( if it weren't for that I wouldn't know what to do, thank god for this). So with my determination and persistence, i brought my friend to the most important sermons, the most excitingt events and was there with him for the most important classes. (Funny because i took the Christianity 201 class (pre-req for baptism) 2 times because of him, it was all good because either way i forgot everything Ho-ming taught me hahahaha). So it's not to say that Nintuitives cannot meet our lord jesus christ nor can they not have a chance to evangelize.

    What I've said up until now has only been limited to the Youth. When we all advance into young adult hood, our chances of evangelizing as an Intuitive is greatly increased depending on where you end up in your career. As an Intuitive are greatest strengths are focusing on the future and picking up tougher concepts/theories/making connections than Sensors. So where does the Nintuitive stand in the job market? Intuitives strengths will greatly flourish in areas such as Math, Sciences and especially in the *Businesses* where your ability to focus on the future is greatly needed.

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    Sunday Oct 24

    *Sigh* sadly i could not make it to Jordan's 2nd afternoon service, only resort now is to go on the whatever "thesecond website that he recommended me. This following week will be very exciting but also very crammed because i have a few quizzes and tests before the coming friday (which is retreat), it's gunna be so awesome but in a sense not really because i don't know many people whom i can connect personally. By all means if i can meet someone with crazy ideas I'd be more than welcoming, or even a great understanding in life. So many things to expect from retreat but yet it offers very little. Heh i can be talking about all the different things from retreat, like jordan says i also have a tendency to go off a tangent (would be funny if this was an ENFJ thing).

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    Sunday Oct 24

    Incomplete thread "Pudding with a Hint of Christianity"

    I have to say that i'm a little obliged to finishing this because 1. I have to send this to Jordan + my pastor so i can fricking blow a pie in their face, 2. I'm a little obliged to finishing this off for myself because it shows a sense of improvement and a deep understanding of today's psychological tools. To have what others don't have really keeps my drive going, I have Jesus christ as my lord and saviour + MBTI for reading humans. Great tool for just learning about different dichotomies & preferences. If such a tool could describe most of the things happening in your life then wow i'm just speechless (as well as christianity). I have many plans for the usage of the (MBTI, Enneagram) in the future.

    If there is one thing i'd like to finish before the end of my school year or perhaps during christmas, i will complete this thread plus have a great understanding of my personal identity. Y'know all works out since the coming year will be university for me. Geez lot of work :], wishies me luck

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    Last Post: 03-25-2008, 04:19 AM
  4. How do you cope with a change of plan?
    By Ezra in forum Myers-Briggs and Jungian Cognitive Functions
    Replies: 29
    Last Post: 02-07-2008, 02:59 PM

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