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    Quote Originally Posted by Non_xsense View Post
    Probabily using intuition and Fe+Ti , Te users aren't prone to do that at all or at least i never notice anyone doing it.
    I will never gonna do it again ...
    Makes sense. I don't always like communicating my lack of ability to keep in touch very well, so it just kinda happens I fall off the map... Unless I'm deliberately asked of course. Then I usually will explain that I am an off and on person. I'll be be around, fall away, be around, fall away, back and forth as a more constant form of contact is tedious. Probably low Fe and high Ti.
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    My Te-bitch slap is more logical than my actual self. I have been told my rage is when I have occasionally become calloused and logical compared to normal over-emotional bubbliness of my normal demeanor. I find it weird I can become SO ENRAGED I actually just logically spew a report of events of how you've been a contradictory piece of shit. The problem is I am so naturally angry with the human race as a whole that I feel like my Te bitch slap has exposed itself more than it should sometimes. XD

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    I don't even know anymore what doorslamming is (and that's a rhetorical statement - I'm not looking for anyone to answer it, as I've participated in tons of previous threads so understand various iterations of it - my point is more that there are... various iterations of it, some imo 100% justified / I totally 'get it', others maybe more immature and more a product of being unable to address conflict in-the-moment or to even recognize whether something is a problem or can be tolerated (and allowing things to build up) or stand up for oneself (which.. ultimately for that person might mean a doorslam is actually the best bet, lol..).

    Anyway - I think with time, I've become more 'ok' with the bitch-slap style, though I'm really not a fan of it either because I don't think venting bile at someone necessarily builds trust or well-being. But I get it more now in that I understand sometimes people just need to release something in the moment and it doesn't have to mean anything more foundational in the bigger picture (though it can).

    Doorslam? Eh, usually I get it, like I said; usually the doorslammer is just so passive /doesn't assert or know their own boudaries and so sends out all sorts of 'cues' earlier on that the other person doesn't pick up on, so they end up futilely resorting to doorslamming when they can't take it anymore. So usually I get that, when things become unbalanced.

    But like I said, I recognize there are all sorts of gray areas and levels of maturity when it comes to all of this, and someone could be hurt regardless of the approach. I thought @Skylight 's summation earlier on was pretty accurate.
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