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Thread: NFs and drugs

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    Only doing acid once and still being an acid virgin doesn't coincide. But that can happen with weed, you can smoke for a week straight for your first time, not feel a thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    I see drugs as a way of giving up control over myself and I don't feel comfortable doing that. However, I would probably try some in a controlled environment and with somebody I trust completely, just to get the experience. Otherwise, I'm just wary or all that stuff and what kind of an influence it would have on me, so yeah, personally, I'm kind of indifferent towards them most of the time.

    i think drinking just to the point of being drunk is quite fun with family, a close friend, an SO, or other small group of people that i trust, but other than that i generally just am not that intrigued by drugs.

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    Err...Umm... I guess I answered most of my questions in the other thread...

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    I smoke pot socially. Never tried any of the harder drugs, but I have friends who do coke or acid semi-regularly and are still able to lead perfectly normal lives.

    Anyone who does crack, crank or smack is an idiot though.

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    I do drink socially and enjoy and have fun getting buzzed every now and then, with friends or my guy, so I'll preface this with that. So technically speaking I'm not 'drug free'.

    My personal reason for never having an interest in doing or trying other drugs is that I don't like the notion of using or depending on a substance (even if in a non-addictive way) to illicit certain emotions or feelings or perspectives, or to relax, etc. I want to be able to reach that state or those perspectives on my own, without the use of something else to get me there. And if I can't on my own, then that means I need to reassess what I'm doing with my life and what changes I might need to make. Also... I've never really seen the point of doing any of it, at least when it comes to myself and how I want to lead my life.
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    I drink wine, but have never done drugs.

    Both of my uncles injected meth. One until he developed meth induced psychosis from it. The other and his wife had their kids taken away as they werent feeding them anymore and both have been in and out of prison.

    I saw them growing up and just after I moved out at 16, my mom and sister both went through stages of meth abuse of the pill variety.

    ^^Watching them really turned me away from ever trying drugs or even smoking.

    I do enjoy a glass of wine though as it slows my brain down and I dont have to think so much.

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    Weed - everyday : im chronic

    - a few times : just to try, didn't care for it, don't see the big deal...way too much money and have to keep snorting every 20 mins or so to keep a buzz, wouldn't do it again

    Rit - on occasion : loved it everytime

    Acid - a few times a year : only really enjoy it when i'm doing it with only 1 other person that i'm very close with

    - once : happiest trip i've EVER had

    Morning Glory
    - 5 or 6 times maybe : tastes like a bag of dirty assholes, but well worth it!

    Speed - a couple times : enjoyed it the first time, that was about it. too sketchy of a drug for me!

    - unsure of usage amounts as i did it during a year i barely remember : would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER touch it again! let me make this clear...when i say ecstasy i do no mean pure MDMA.. i mean the cut shit that you don't know what you're getting and it has a lot of speed in it... sketchiest buzz EVER...come down so brutal i was teetering on the edge of being suicidal

    MDMA - once : now this is what ecstasy is SUPPOSED to be! this shit is DA BOMB! pure happiness and contentment... no come down.

    Ketamine - once : worst thing i've ever snorted in my life... BRUTALLY painful.... and like coke u gotta keep snorting every so often... BUT quite an interesting buzz! thoroughly enjoyed it...but a drug i would only do the way i would acid..with 1 other person i know very well.

    Salvia - a handful of times: people don't get fucked on it because they don't smoke it it right and you'll have the most intense hallucinogenic experience of your life all piled into 5 minutes.. but be wary light drug users... this is not a drug for those who scare easy on a trip... it can be terrifying if u start to panic... but it's a very very short trip

    DM - twice : 1st time was the cough syrup - had a horrible allergic reaction and scratched my legs, without realizing it, until they were blood soaked. why i tried it again im not sure.. but i did only the 2nd time i took the capsules..much better than drinking disgusting cough syrup. 2nd time buzz was wicked! i tripped with a boyfriend at the time (as i usually do).. our shared trip was mind blowing... if you go to the bathroom while on this drug..don't look in the mirror.. you WILL get lost!

    2cb - twice : 1st time blew my fuckin' mind! never had so much fun on a psychedelic (synthetic however) in a group type setting in my life. 2nd time was severely sketchy... this is one drug i still ponder as to what made the difference in the 2 separate trips. not a drug for those not use to tripping!

    Prescription Drugs
    - daily : my drugs of choice are opiates & benzos mixed together.... all i have to say is DO NOT DO IT! they will offer you relief of whatever you are medicating and/or self-medicating for only for a short period before they completely steal your life.

    So i guess the bottom line here is...i fucking love drugs.... IN MODERATION WITH A LEVEL HEAD AND A PLANNED TRIP. It's all about balance. However, i would never touch anything that can get you addicted on the first buzz. I like tripping a few times a year on hallucinogenics, i love my weed because it really helps with my mental illness and plainly makes me happy (tho i think it may be to blame for my memory loss and lower cognitive functioning - so i plan to cut way back).

    Drugs i would do again:
    Rit - rarely
    MDMA - maybe once or twice again
    2cb - undecided
    Ketamine - maybe just a couple times spread throughout a few years
    Salvia - a couple times a year
    Acid - a couple times a year
    Shrooms - whenever i can get em again!
    Morning Glory - maybe a few times, undecided

    Drugs i wouldn't do again:
    DM - HORRIBLE for you! i had an amazing trip the 2nd time, but i wouldn't push my luck, and it's just so so so bad for you!
    Coke - no thank you!! (something i found interesting is that apparently most opiate addicts do not like coke)
    Speed - no
    Ecstasy - NEVER EVER EVER
    Prescription Drugs - once i'm clean, never again (i'd like to think optimistically and that i will not relapse)

    This is probably the first serious post i've made on this forum. Perhaps way too honest... but that's who i am. So thanks to anyone who took the time to read this and if you have any questions please msg me.
    "You can't take a picture of's already gone."

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    -Mark Twain

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    Only doing acid once and still being an acid virgin doesn't coincide. But that can happen with weed, you can smoke for a week straight for your first time, not feel a thing.
    i meant it didn't count because the acid got left in a 100 degree closet for a week or two and lost all its strength. we each took 2 hits of acid and barely felt anything.

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    Very informative post, thank you Alice.

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