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Thread: ENFJ + ENFJ

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    Default ENFJ + ENFJ

    How does this work:

    a). relationship wise?
    b). friendship wise?

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    Relationship-wise.. I wouldn't know, but I'm not inclined to try it ever. From what I gather, we're very 'brother-sister' in most cases. I'm curious about those who have tried it, actually.

    Friendship-wise.. It's like a long lost part of yourself . You have someone who understands what you understand and who can feel things almost exactly as you do. If you're hesitating on something, they can serve as your secondary self.
    The drawbacks are in differing emotional intensity and points of self-awareness/selflessness. It can be hard to match up if one ENFJ is more balanced or abrasive than another. I'd imagine the same regarding relationships.
    Also, the ENFJ 'you should do this' tagline. It can go one of two ways- the ENFJ responds better to advice due to another ENFJ providing it, or the ENFJ responds more defensively to another ENFJ giving the wrong advice (and few ENFJs want to admit to being wrong)
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    Dated an ENFJ, but he was kind of extreme, so I wasn't all that impressed

    However my favorite, favorite client in the whole wide world is a fellow ENFJ and we get along great...not to mention we kick ass and take names work wise (we get things d-o-n-e done!). Love her. We've been working together for 10 years and it's been nothing but smooth sailing.

    That's all the ENFJ's I know.
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    Why.... why would you do this?

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