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    So usually I just troll around on these personality websites (socionics, mbti, enneagram) but I'm feeling a little lost right now so I figured I'd actually post, and get some real feedback applicable to my actual life right now

    I'm currently living with my new ENTP roommate, and things have been pretty good so far. It seems like we have a lot in common. Here's the problem though. A week or so ago we were getting along pretty well, but we're both longtime members of a large (30+ people) on-campus improvisational comedy group. This semester I've taken the reins as head (Master of Ceremonies) of the club, meaning I organize the weekly meetings and set up games and such. It basically means I'm telling people what to do (sort of) at least when it comes to choosing what games to play and trying to keep us moving during the meetings (we need someone to keep us on track, since it's open to anyone and there are a lot of new freshmen).

    I've never been in charge of a group of people this large before, and a lot of them I've know for a few years and consider myself friends with (my roommate is included in this list). But the new position has me scrambling to figure out my new identity within the group. (our last MC was a very extraverted esfp who loved to be the center of attention- really great and fun guy but not the most technically minded at the ins and out of improv).

    I was in a local community improv troupe all through high school, where i fell in love with it, so i mainly took the position out of a desire to learn more and help share the insights i've gained (and to have fun). But whereas before things were clear in my mind about what I was doing, things are now much more muddled (and it's only the second week of the semester..) My relationship with my roommate has also become much stranger as I'm unsure of how things stand between us and I want us to understand each other. We get along pretty well in group settings, but in our dorm i've become more self-conscious (i'm also a type 4w5 and i think he's 5w4, if that helps).

    I'm afraid of getting carried away with being all loud and in charge and bossing people around with an overinflated ego that is good and funny when on stage, but totally inappropriate in "real life." I've already found a couple of times I've blurred the line of justifying my actions with my stage presence and the 'power' appointed to me as the MC. I don't want to become an asshole, and I don't want to be fake (which has also started to happen a bit in the intrest of getting people together/being accepted in my new role)

    I think the original intent of this post was to gain som insight into the entp-enfp dynamic but as you can see like a good improv scene i can't help but accept and build so i'll take any advice or comments or nonsense on my situation as a whole, (or any part of it).

    (wow. sorry for the wall of text/waaay too much detail into my thoughts)

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    If you are worried about it, why not try to control people as little as possible? Make it as democratic as possible. Could even have votes about what you do on next session...

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