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    i like being in a co-leadership position.

    being a singular leader is not as pleasing to me because i like to bounce my ideas off someone else, and there are some things you really just can't talk about with subordinates. being a lone leader is so much more stressful to me.

    i really enjoy being in a co-/partner position, however. admittedly i really like the "glory" of it and enjoy the privileges, but the most important element, of course, is giving my all for something i really believe in, and helping it to be better. vice pres is good stuff, too.

    as for leading... delegating is great - help everyone apply their talents where they can be used most. i also don't mind putting in the last-minute legwork, which is where i feel like leaders do their most behind-the-scenes stuff. lord knows there's always a lot of last minute scrambling behind every perfectly-pulled-together event, and that's really where leaders can either shine or flop. i'm a good teacher, too. i LOVE presentations.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arclight
    Leaders work harder than their subordinates. You set an example and people then follow it.
    You make people want it. They start to do things to serve you, not because they have to.

    On the flip side, I take everything way too personally and stress can become a serious problem.
    you ENFJs generally make wonderful leaders but you gotta stop that. of course it's part of what makes you so good, but sometimes yall really stress yourselves out

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    Well, the thread might be dead but....

    I'm an ROTC cadet, I've basically finished the program and will commision when I graduate. I've done a lot of "leading" in cadet land though. As a leader, my biggest strength was always planning. Give me a mission statement, intent, and what I've got to work with, and I can come up with way to get it done. My biggest weakness was always details, some "little" thing that I miss that ends up not being so little. As far as handling my team goes, I usually try to get to know all of my subordinates and figure out what motivates them and what they're best at. I try to get everyone involved with what we're doing and motivate them. I really hate it when someone on my team isn't doing their job and will usually end up doing it myself when they don't, which has caused me a number of problems in the past. I do think leaders need to lead by example; I never ask someone to do something that I'm not willing to try, even if I can't do it. I try to create an atmosphere of "it's ok to fail, it's never ok to stop trying". If someone fails at something, I don't hold it against them (unless it's something that they should have learned already) as long as they're willing to learn from it and do better next time. I do have a tendency to get too personal with subordinates, which can create a discipline problem. When someone is screwing up or creating problems, I try to pull them aside and talk to them privately rather than call them out in front of everyone, although not always.

    Hmmm, I think I rambled on about myself without ever addressing the question. Right now, the commander of my ROTC battalion is an ENFP. Out of the three that have been here while I've been here, he's the best. He has a genuine interest in helping the cadets and is very focused on building es spirit de corps and still stays mission oriented. I think NFs probably have the greatest potential as leaders, as long as we can keep the goals in focus, since we have a tendency to try and bring the team together, and get everyone motivated to accomplish them.

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