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    croatia, europe.

    one of the reasons is very obvious why is this so; after 8 grades, here you apply to HS; and they rank people based on grades, so not everybody goes to same HS; you go where you can. I went to one where you needed to have straight As from first 8 grades to get in, no one who didnt have got in, so the profile of students is different than in mixed schools. Also, my friends who didnt went to top schools didnt have bullying problems or too much in-crowd things.
    In my school nobody cared, no popular people, everybody cared about their own shit. This is why i loved it much, and there were also a lot of Ns bc it was math school etc.

    Of course everywhere there are very good looking people who get more attention for that. But not even that was big, example, we had one gorgeous looking girl, supermodel, and while she got attention from guys, she was also ignored for being stupid.

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    HS was heaven and hell at the same time. My class was almost an all-guy class (computer related subjects) and we'd get all the straight Fs troublemakers lol

    A very special comrade existed between us that wasn't noticeable in other classes. But we were infantile as shit. The principle knew each of us well. The school itself was cool though. No cliques. People from rural areas, metalheads, pseudo-criminals, potheads, geeks, nerds....everyone talked with one another with no prejudice.

    Hell was the fact it was a skewed view of reality, mainly because of my class environment. While everybody else was chasing skirt we were playing Unreal Tournament in our Algorithms class lol

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    I used to hide a lot of myself, but I decided to open up more a while ago. I don't have anything to de-hide anymore, I'm afraid. Or I'll have to start searching for a hidden part of me, but that's oing to take a very long time, I think.
    I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower. The TV was obviously on. I used to fly myself and I said, "There's one terrible pilot."
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