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    Default ENFP Personal growth can be boring

    ... it's about learning how to sit down long enough to do boring stuff, right?

    Developing Fi is great -- don't get me wrong -- but definitely part of maturing for an ENFP is learning how to not avoid boring shit.

    We're the type that doesn't want to grow up.

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    For me that's not what it's about at all. It's about learning how to be an ENFP and really live; I've been conforming and repressing way too long. I don't want to have regrets anymore.

    The boring stuff is a cinch for me because my life is based on routine, order and conventional practicality but since I started to mature there's an adventurer inside of me.

    Fi has always been what's keep me sane wearing the practical/reliable/dependable/completely sane/boring young girl mask.
    George Bernard Shaw in cartoon form.

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