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    I'm an INFP and am just as facially expressive. I have a coworker who must be an INFJ.
    He tends to huff around with a stern expression on his face. But inwardly, he is sensitive. I care for him dearly...I feel that he's a bear on the outside and his insides are a 10 year old girl in pigtails.

    I think my facial expressions are just as telling but less gruff. More...worried. It's hard for me to be stony faced. Unfortunately I work with a bunch of T people who are not facially expressive at all!

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    I am definitely INFJ (there's just no other excuse!) but my face is also incredibly expressive (or so people tell me). I had no clue, but I guess whatever I feel inside shows up very strongly on my face, whether it's happy or angry. I've learned to dim the angry expression way down because obviously that doesn't get you very far socially, but I don't worry about the happy expression so much -- although I've learned to become more sensitive to my expressions and often I'll realize that I'm really, really smiling and everyone around me has a blank, bored expression -- but I'm OK with that because the world needs more happy faces!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousFeeling View Post
    I've been told that my expression looks a bit intense, like I am pissed off or an "authoritative librarian". It can be a bit intimidating for people. I suppose I can be a bit intense, but the smiles come when I lighten up a bit and actually take time to laugh, or when something makes me really happy.
    Haha, this has always been so true for me too! I've found that people are even afraid of me sometimes based on my feirce/serious expressions. I also think this is the reason that almost noone knows when I'm joking-- argh. The amusing aspect for me though is that I dress very 40's/50's, so from afar people perceive me as June Cleaver or something. When they actually get around me and experience the "stone face", visceral reactions to injustice, etc. they are kind of taken aback.

    My close friends get it though, and can tell my "normal/content" from my "angry/intense".
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    I think facial expressions are all about the eyes.... I've been told by more than one person that my eyes "smile". I express a lot of emotions by my eyes. Glaring, staring, elated, dreamy, sadness... All those looks center with the eyes. That's just my opinion anyway.

    When I was going to college for my ASL Interpreting degree, an entire class was on body language and facial expressions. We would have assignments centered around analyzing our own expressions and body placements. For an entire week, we had to document how many expressions we would catch ourselves making and expound on describing the looks. It was a lot harder than I initially though the assignment would be!! Maybe you could do something similar to that assignment just to help with awareness?

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