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I prefer a big city with lots of greenery inside. I think nature can be a spiritual experience but not sure what I'm supposed to do wiith it honestly.

i mean i like some mountain biking or a short hike or a day out exploring or whatever but i've lived on an island where everything closes at 10 pm and that blows. i've also lived in a very, very far northern european town where everything closes around 6 pm (9 in summer) and that blows even worse. not having at least something being open 24-7 really kind of freaks me out. i feel trapped.

i prefer a big city that's in an area with a lot of nature, and greenery is a definite requirement.

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I need a big city. I need to be at the apex of something, where the rush of life, humanity, people doing things, going places is all around me.
yes! i mean i love my own train car as much as the next person (because i can goof off in it), but there's something about needing to be in the rush of things. it feels more important, more significant, more energizing.

I love being in the desert too. I think (forgive the generalisation here) that ENFPs need the buzz of city life (at least the more extroverted ones) but at the same time they need a retreat, the sacred beauty of the natural world to remind of the things that really matter in life. Or maybe that's just me.

i LOVE deserts. the infiniteness and timelessness and quiet, harsh beauty of them.