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About to finish Ph.D.

My feelings for the balance of types are of course totally stemming from the people I have met at my school, so take it with a huge grain of salt Now that I reflect on it though, it's the applied physics side (where I have the most friends, because frankly they are more fun) that has most of the ISTJ/ESTJ types. My 'theoretical' hallway certainly has its share of INTP and INTJ, and a smattering of people so quiet that I haven't been able to type them. It's possible some of them are little secret NFs or something else. My boss is an ISTP, and there is definitely an ESTP across the way (we call him the "salesman"... I won't get into what I think of his science).

I find it interesting that many INFP are adept at using Te. It's something I would like to learn to do better.
whats your area of focus, and if you dont mind my asking what school do you go to?