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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    NF, i know you procrastinate.

    my question is:

    when you have something you know you need to do and don't really feel like doing it,
    how does pressure put on you from others affect you?

    both with deadline and without, if they happen to be different.
    If I know I need to do and don't feel like doing it, I procrastinate. Sometimes, pretty bad. Though if it really is something I need to do, I often feel uncomfortable while I am procrastinating because of the impending thought that it does need to be done. I can't really fully relax. Relaxing after it is done is much, much more satisfying, so sometimes I wonder why I bother with the procrastinating in the first place.

    Pressure put on me from others can have various effects. Work without a deadline, for example, makes me annoyed. Being an artist I run into this a lot for some reason. The freelance work I get from certain projects doesn't have a deadline and I wish my boss would give me deadlines, because they give me an idea of how to manage my time.

    If I have a deadline I immediately set to managing my time and work at meeting it. I don't miss deadlines. That is completely unacceptable for me.

    However, one of the most annoying things in the world is to be nagged about something. Unless I didn't actually get the message in the first place, which is very, very seldom the case, I don't want to be reminded. I'm reminding myself; I just haven't gotten to it yet. What really gets me is when I tell Grandma (yes, this is Grandma I'm talking about) that I am going to do it today, and mean it... and she will tell me several more times in the next couple hours, leave a note, and call my mother telling her I haven't done what I said I would do...
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    Pressure from other people... probably makes me procrastinate more. I don't really respond well to someone leaning on me to get something done. If someone is nagging me I am unlikely to want to positively reinforce that for them.

    At some point I will decide "it is time" and the pressure to get it done comes from inside myself... not so much pressure but desire. I'm extremely productive in this mode. Sometimes it is in response to a deadline or maybe it is just because that's what I feel like working on that day. But if it is a deadline, I need to know that something is really depending on it to happen. A deadline for the sake of having a deadline doesn't really motivate me either. I'll just be compelled to move the deadline to suit myself.

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