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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    Ni doms are independent types though (yeah the F one wants to make people agree with them) but they really distinguish themselves from a group. I don't think it's likely they all chill as one flock. I always use the analogy of Ni doms being beta fish. I had some really rough experiences with other Ni doms (I see one out of years maybe I'm unlucky but yeah)

    That doesn't make sense just because one or two types is the most common result does not make it authentic.
    What about the other 14 types? That should raise awareness rather than lessen it.

    Do you think NJ and NP types make pop psychology tests exclusively? So you think NJ and NP types are the only type to become novelists? I'm saying those people are mistyped maybe not all of them but a lot of them.

    The word choice. Are you introverted or extroverted (introverted is kind of a trend right now) introvert check.
    Are you imaginative or realistic? Um of course I'm special Intuitive check. (Everyone believes they're smarter than everyone else)
    Are you compassionate? um feeling because I'm not some hard cold ass icy bitch. Feeling check.
    Are you disorganized? No I'm not some messy slob. I got my shit together. Judging check.

    Tl;dr MBTI has poor word choice.
    The questions on an MBTI test don't look anything like that, though. They're based on specific behaviors, thoughts, and motivations.

    Also, I've had several classes where we took the test, and there were one or two INxx's at most. Introverted intuitives are the most likely to be a part of this community because introverts tend to prefer socializing on the internet over irl, and intuitives usually prefer depth and theory over facts and everyday topics. Feelers might also be more likely than thinkers to be into MBTI because the test is technically unscientific.

    And honestly, I don't think people have any sort of intuitive bias while taking the test. Well, unless they're intuitive :') Most of the sensors that I know are annoyed by "unrealistic dreamers" and the like.
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    I hate that I love you guys [emoji35]❤️

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