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    I'm not sure how to type my "ideal mate", although I have an idea of what he would be like - someone stable, calm, that provides a sense of security. Mature, sensitive, thoughtful. Intelligent. I'm very attracted to protector types, although reciprocation is another thing entirely - I'm sure they think me wishy washy to the extreme and hard to understand. SJ/NJ?

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    Trouble with the question is that not all INFPs are born equal. You really need to look at your cognitive function scores to get a better idea. Also in my case I'm so profoundly 'I' over 'E' that anyone who was strongly 'E' would very quickly drive me insane (and I, her, no doubt). As an fp rather than FP I'm sufficiently 'T' and 'J' that I'm flexible there. For preference I like someone who is an 'I' but somewhere near the cusp; someone with strong Fe to match my strong Ti and Fi (look at my scores); someone with a good brain but not necessarily an 'N'. The person could be either practical (Si dominant) or cerebral (Ni dominant) but I would try to avoid both extreme 'J' and extreme 'P'. With my last ISFP partner I ended up providing all (and I mean ALL) the 'J' in the household. That J/P preference is the most crucial one of all the dimensions. I always get on very well with intelligent ISFJs or ISFPs and they are my women of choice. A gentle and not too extroverted ENFP would also be fine as of course would INFx.
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    "INFP values but INTP skills" describes me best of all

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