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Thread: I feel squashed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Expanding View Post
    Thanks, Sunshine8, thats a good idea. I think im going to do the 'escape to toilet breathing' if need be. I used to think i was slightly autistic by needing to recharge and tune out the world, but ive come to realize that the more capacity a person is blessed with, the more one has to keep up with oneself, and maintain a healthy way of living. Otherwise the gap between what i want to be and who i am, becomes too wide and it's during those moments that i feel awful and start going into depression. But im hoping to catch myself in future, way before im anywhere near those dark, neurotic states of mind.
    I relate to this quite a bit, particularly that gulf between "who I am" vs. "who I wanted to be". It's almost like a theme with me... I thought I'd be 'further along' by this point in my life. And - please don't think me arrogant for this - I meet people in a similar place in my life who are not nearly as far along as me (at least in the ways I'm measuring). But they are so happy with themselves for such small, silly (to me) things. And that is a trigger - how can they be so okay with who they are?

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    I identify with what triggers you, Mochajava. I think we are blessed with the wisdom of the psyche and are more aware of ourselves. This helps us grow but the flip side is that we see other peoples journeys and wish we could navigate things for them, or help them towards more depth and awareness. But i guess they are more focused on "doing" than on "being."

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