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    To more or less echo what others have said, she sounds like a scary fantasist, manipulative, a bitch...etc.

    Have you really had a close friendship with this person? Was this kind of behaviour out of the blue?
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    Two thoughts. Firstly that she's a drama vampire who thrives off any drama going on around her and creates it when there's none there. Secondly (and more likely imo) that she's just trying to pull your leg for shit'n'giggles. Possibly she would've strung you along for a while, got you all worked up and then dropped the punch line that she was only kidding. Some people do that stuff. They don't see it as malicious if there's no lasting harm done.

    I don't really see it as a friendship-ending event personally. If it were part of a pattern of her trying to break you and your bf up then it'd be different, but it sounds like this was a one-off.

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