I've also had the thought before that it could be something like a social reaction to certain situations. I never do this in large groups. I almost never call attention to myself on purpose in a large group, even often in a classroom. I am a lot more extroverted around people I am familiar with. Also, these behaviors of extroversion where I mention that I may sometimes start off to encourage people or try to get something initiated only show up in small groups, especially in a situation where I have to work in a group in a school setting. And I don't exactly jump to it, either - I wait until I am sure nobody else is going to do anything.

So maybe I am just taking this too seriously and thinking it's a bigger deal than it really is - especially now that I am seriously thinking about it, and realizing that it isn't a natural thing for me, but more like a reflex in certain situations, where I am usually sighing inwardly and internally chastising the other people for not doing anything.

Okay, and maybe it's as simple as exercising my Fe. Yeah, maybe. But I am definitely Ti. Te? Yech!