I've seen the Coyote Ugly movie... interesting when thought of as a bar + musical in one... I like musicals. But yeah, lots of people do not do these traditions at all.

We ARE similar, it's true! I think that's half of what rocks about this forum if you're an INFJ. You feel less like a crazy freak of nature, particularly when you're younger and figuring these things out. Or older and figuring these things out.


Oh, and part with all the crazy customs you can. You never have to do something in the proscribed way. For example, I got married in a fairly normal way for my culture (multiple events, tons of people, meeting loads of relatives, way overdressed) and I just went to a wedding (the one above) with 35 people, no chairs at the ceremony, and a dinner at a fabulous restaurant that we 35 filled up. I thought it was fun to go to and wouldn't suck to be the bride and groom...

Regular weddings means you're a big, shiny, overdone center of attention. Some people love this and make a big deal of it - outfit changes, grand entrances. Me? All of that is torture.