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    Default INFJ (good and bad) superlatives

    I came across a webpage with what I believe to be a pretty accurate description of myself as an INFJ. At the bottom of the page, it listed some INFJ "superlatives" (as compared to the other types, I guess). Some of the more interesting ones include:

    -Among highest of all types in college GPA
    -Among most likely to stay in college
    -Highest of all types in marital dissatisfaction

    They don't cite any actual data or studies, so I don't know where this comes from or if it's correct at all. But some part of me doesn't seem surprised and I (intuitively?) think it might very well be true. But I don't see why it should be the case. Among highest of all types in college think that'd be an NT's thing. Highest in marital dissatisfaction? Perhaps because we're idealists?

    The page I'm referring to is here: INFJ: The Counselor | PersonalityDesk

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    INFJs are natural writers and have bookworm tendencies. Those being a big part of college studies might make them feel more at home? Maybe INFJs are more in tune with their own emotions than NTs in general, making them stay in college during rougher patches?

    I find that marital dissatisfaction a bit surprising. Sure, we are idealists and bound to be disappointed, but I believe we are also great at communicating difficult issues in close relationships.

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    Ah, on the very page you linked it also says:
    Intuitive Feelers paired with each other have one of the highest couple satisfaction rates of all possible combinations.
    It seems INFJs are among the most dissatisfied, because their companions are not always NFs

    It makes more sense now what I said in my previous post.

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