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Boys have plenty of undesirable personality traits too. Why does it always turn into female self-hate when we have unpleasant interactions with other females? I don't get that.
It's like most females have such a nasty perception of what it means to be female they think every undesirable trait is their feminine reflection and despise being a girl. That's patriarchy at work.
Sorry... That wasn't intended to sound hateful or spark controversy...

aw, no worries, i've experienced jealous guys too. it's never pretty.

actually, i think this is where it would be most effective for your best friend to step in and draw some lines. because it's him she's so concerned about losing - even if you tried to talk to her, and reassure her that you have no bad intentions, she might still worry about him "falling prey" to you. he needs to be the one reassuring her that her status as his girlfriend is secure regardless of others outside their relationship - not to mention that it's not her place to block others off from him. it's completely a matter of her trusting him - it shouldn't have anything to do with you, and you shouldn't have to deal with it.
Ah, thanks. But, he's done everything possible. He's reassured her billions of times that he wouldn't leave her for me or any other girl. Just trust issues, I guess...