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How do the NTs understand it?
well, at least for the two i'm related to (both INTPs and very similar to one another in a lot of ways), they say they like to play more with scales and ideas and patterns in the music than with feeling in it. they're much more technically knowledgeable than i am in terms of theory and equipment, and they really pick out instruments in pieces and pay attention to what each is doing. they really impress me in terms of their wealth of knowledge.

they are also more interested in figuring out songs for themselves - i'll do it sometimes too, just playing around, but they'll spend hours and days on it. one is into jazz, and the other, rock. they don't pay attention to lyrics when they listen to songs - they only pay attention to the music. they value musical originality and complexity, and they're rather condemning of music they don't think is worth their respect! my brother in particular laughs at my love for pop music, because it makes me feel good and i love singing along. he thinks pop is simplistic and repetitive (which in a lot of ways it is, but i still like it, lol)