I love accessories. LOOOVE. I get in trouble from time to time because I go crazy on buying jewelry. I go for aesthetics, name brands mean nothing to me for jewelry. I am a fan of big hoops - one of my fave pairs could double as a bangle - and what would be considered "statement pieces".

When it comes to jewelry I'm big on quality material and classic shapes. I like 925 solid silver simple bands for rings and bangles, I like thick leather cuffs with grommeting, I like hoops.

I'm also big into using gemstones that have significance - like supposedl quartz helps for this, tourmaline helps for that, etc. I love big chunky natural stones, my favorite necklace my aunt made for me and it is made of large turquoise pieces. She's also an ENFJ and a flashy dresser.


I think ENFP (women) fall into two camps about jewelry and 'dressing up' in general. You either LOVE it or you completely abstain because you don't care.