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    Santtu, you will get there. Don't know if this will help or not, but this is how I've tended to be over the course of my life -- yes, passion is central, but I have often made myself embrace and get passionate about the choices that are in front of me instead of reaching for something not available. Does this make any sense? I did this with grad school -- yes! UCLA will be perfect! I am so in love with the diversity and other important things UCLA will offer me! WHAT? We have to move to DC? (brief period of mourning) GEORGETOWN is the only place for me!! the halls of power just down the street! the inventive curriculum! Since then, I have gone through a similar process with my career trajectory. It's not about failing to be discriminatory about what you choose to do, but about finding the potential source of passion in whatever it is (and, for some, maybe the passion is outside the workplace and the function of the job is to pay the bills while you pursue your passion, which is where I'm starting to feel now that I've got a kid). You seem to be stuck at the deciding point. Consider picking one, and then embracing it. (And mourn what you said no to if you have to -- that can be a wonderful process too, if you can get to closure.)

    Having written all that...I think your struggles may be less a part of NF, and maybe more a P thing?

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    Well, I don't know if it belongs strictly to the NF or not, but in my case I chose Psychology as a career. Unfortunately there is a hundred different ways I could go with that for grad school and right now I'm choosing to be a University Teacher and Researcher. But I do feel like maybe I will be holding myself back somehow. I wont have anything to show for myself since my students will leave at the end of the semester. I dunno.
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