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    hmmm, I actually find INFJs to be quite reasonable in real life and online. I'll have to go read that other thread I guess...

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    One of my best friends is an ENFP. It works out great because she is a feeler and I can talk for hours about my feelings and thoughts. I think ENFPs are also more cerebral than people give them credit for and will engage in long theoretical conversations.

    ENFPs also have the added desirable trait of needing to spend time alone. I think this adds an alure to their personalities and as an INFJ I really respect the fact that my ENFP friend knows that this "alone time" is important for rejuvenating her soul. Things I don't understand about my friend are how much she loves to go out, spend time in large groups of people, etc. But since she always gives me a lot of "love" when I need it, I'm able to respect these other parts of her personality that don't click with me.

    Also, she totally is big on saying, "what is wrong? Why are you acting weird?" Since she can confront me, we avoid a lot of miscommunication that other types might have, and I trust her her because I know she's confronting me for the right reasons - because she cares.

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