Arrrgg. my INTJ partner and I get on extremely well... except there is one issue that we just can't seem to sort out... hrrrm let me see... like the divorce he should have got years ago. He has been separated for 5 years and his ex ESFP wife got engaged to another man 2 1/2 years ago...what is with that????

My F is starting to feel very dejected and very unwanted in regards to having a future with him. I have been really gentle with him and patient because his ex is quite nasty but now I am starting to express my impatience and he says he does not really understand why he is not getting on with it. If I bring up how it is starting to make me feel he totally disassociates and shuts down. I know his ex was very emotional so maybe that was how he coped then.

Is there anyone out there with experience in a relationship with an INTJ. How the heck does an ENFP keep sane in a situation like this and not turn into a hysterical depressed sniveling raving lunatic?