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    Quote Originally Posted by SNUGGLETRON View Post
    this is EXACTLY what I was going through with another INFP (relationship wise). Especially #2 and #3. Really frustrating.
    Hhmp.. You know, it is nothing personal, but when I read this and basically position myself in the shoes of that INFP, I am getting a little annoyed. I guess this is because the difficulties in motivation really are a lot of trouble for me, and when people even imply it, I get a little touchy. So, the bullshit part here is that I would like to shout "Shut up, I already know I am bad at that and have looked at it from all the angles I can imagine, but just can't find the answer. You can't do it for me." Of course I rarely do this, since I try to be a civilized person, but still, that might be my bullshit and I am on my knees in front of it.

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    INFP bs? I think that it might be that they are wishy-washy and change their minds constantly. They have such a long incubation period before making a decision. So maybe calling them on their bs means pushing them through that period when nothing moves and there's just a lot of talk. In my experience this is one example of the bs I dealt with when involved with an infp.

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    I didn't understand what the OP necessarily meant by "bullshit" but after reading some of the responses I understand now. I think the only time I'd really say anything worhty of being called "bullshit" is when I'm trying to get myself to accept the fact that something I want isn't going to happen.

    A good personal example is that sometimes i'll tell myself, friends, or family that I don't want kids or I'm not going to get married. Truth is I do want kids but I'd try to get myself to accept the fact that I may not get what I want. It helps me in certain respects.

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    BS is pretty much getting us to focus and express ourselves.

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    [QUOTE=Rebe;1240165]My ISFJ kindred spirit friend calls me on my "bullshit" all the time.

    I do this thing ... where the other person would say something really obvious and I don't respond (could be because I have no response or it's uninteresting) so they continue to explain it. And once they do that, I'd pretend I don't get the idea/word/concept so I will give them this confused, furrowed brows look...and hahahaha...they will go on and on for fifteen minutes trying to explain this very simple idea/word/concept to me. I find it funny, no idea why. It works every time. I don't think anyone gets this joke; it's this weird thing of mine. Sometimes I just like giving people a confused look even though I understand them perfectly and what they are saying is extremely simple. I just want to see what they would say, I think. I sort of push them into a sort of rant and they get confused, like, why isn't she getting this? what am I doing wrong?

    I only do that to close friends.


    I do the same thing sometimes. It seems kind cruel to some and unfunny to most people but for some reason I see it as harmless and it causes me to crack myself up on the inside. I can pull it off with highly extraverted people the easiest.

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