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    Default Is this a common "F" experience

    Whenever I go for a drive, or leave the immediate community I live in for any reason and any amount of time (however little,) I get this strange "feeling," and it takes a while after I've returned home for it to abate. It's not necessarily a "bad" feeling; I guess "foreign" would be the most appropriate adjective. I don't have to have been gone for long at all, even just a half hour or so. I've noticed that the time it takes for the feeling to dissipate is proportional to the time I've been gone from home.

    What I mean is that I don't, internally, "feel home" even if I am, physically--like mind/body discord.

    I don't think it is that normal sense of unfamiliarity that comes with being some place you're not used seems more than that, but perhaps not. I don't know.

    Do you experience this as well?

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    Home + Alone = Myself
    Home + People = Numb/Wreck
    Outside + Alone = Numb/Wreck
    Outside + People = That guy

    I am not myself unless I am home and alone.

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    Sometimes I get really sleepy when I travel away from home. Too much information floods my mind and can make me groggy. Of course I am a little sleepy at home, but more able to concentrate. If I didn't have to go out, I could easily just set up in the forest and rarely go into town.
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    Sounds like an introverted thing.

    "introverts liven up in familiar settings or when someone is giving them energy and attention"

    "extroverts liven up in unfamiliar settings or when they have someone to give their energy and attention to"

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    Never had this problem myself, despite my generally introverted nature.

    It's not so much that I don't like being around people, but that I like my own company and the time and space to do my own things. But I am quite fond of the world outside my door, and the freedom I possess to admire it.

    Everyone else has said it fairly concisely already; sounds more like an "I thing" than a "F thing". =P


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    Home feels safe, but also a bit stagnant at times. I feel very alive in new places. Like my senses and mood are ++. I'm still introverted, but I'm not quite introverted in my relation to environment (sounds like maybe you're experiencing teritiary Si? just a guess). I can push it a little, I guess, but still feel ok.. Like, there are times when I've gotten lost, drunk in the city, 2am, winter season.. yet feel very at peace with it..just walking my way to whereever I can find a phone booth, call someone for a ride..and while I'm waiting, like in a restaurant or something.. I may be quiet, but I'm happy just people watching, or stepping outside for a smoke, listening at all the sounds of the city. Breathing new air. Feels good. By the time someone picks me up, I kind of miss it in a way. Also, when I was a kid, I was never happier than when on vacation somewhere. Anytime I go traveling, I'm just refreshed like that.

    I only turn restless/homesick if I'm bored or simply feel unsafe whom I with. Security can be an issue (which may be a little ironic since walking around city streets shitfaced isn't very secure either.. but I trust myself alone at least ).

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    You know, I relate to quite a lot of what KDude wrote, but the bulk of the being-comfortable-in-the-scary-world aspect built up throughout my 20's.

    My home is indeed my sanctuary and comfort, and I can spend quite a while on my own at home. But I've also recognized that I am ill-suited for the hermit life; after 2 days max I get really antsy, and even start getting depressed, and I need to get out and about. I have a high need for new experiences and seeing new things, so on that end I can't get enough of driving out and doing different hikes and exploring different parts of the mountains (here in colorado), and on the bigger scale, love traveling around the world. I'm often by myself doing all of this, but I am comfortable/happy.

    So no, don't think it's an 'F' thing, really. Like others have said, it would be more closely related to introversion. Possibly a smidgen of Si.
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    Either my entire city is my community, or I don't get much excited unless I'm leaving the city. I also have kinda lost touch with any real idea of something being foreign - I may have to leave the country or continent to get that feeling. Worst case scenarios where I just wanted to be back home again are often dissipate in a cubed root relation to how long I've been away. I like my nest, but I can build it anywhere, it seems. That and I don't think I've ever felt 100% at home anywhere in over 20 years....
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    If I am couped up inside for to long I get anxious to get out of my house. One full day of not being outside will do this and I have to escape for an hour or two. Since I am a T that would mean F would be the opposite
    Im out, its been fun

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