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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixelholic View Post
    I wish I was that spontaneous. My roommate would probably murder me though.
    I was married and managed to talk my ESFJ wife into it before we did it. It helped that she was going to college in the town I wanted to move to, so she had been kind of wanting to move too.

    The whole reason I went there to start with that day was to buy something from radio shack. I wanted to build something I had read about online to solve some sort of problem with my remote control. I had no idea what I was doing, but I went and bought the list of supplies for about 20 dollars. I got distracted thinking about how I wanted to move and I never did end up trying to build the thing. I ended up finding all those parts again still in the radio shack bag some time later. :p

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    All my values speak against it, which is why I am not impulsive at all. I've never done crazy things, and to be honest, my buddies all consider me their "goody two shoes" friend. Yet I do find myself craving it a lot. I enjoy spontaneity. And I've noticed that one thing that often causes a lot of depression for me is the conflict between the values that I commit myself to following and the desire to do what would make me feel happy. If I do what I WANT or what I feel I need at the time, I end up feeling guilty. If I follow what I BELIEVE, I feel depressed and unfulfilled.

    My internal struggle...

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