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    Officially the most self-pitying thread ever. Yay, good work NFs!!!
    "Why had he never appreciated what a miracle he was, brain and nerve and bounding heart?"

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    Mine would be a fun park

    NFs are so depressive

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    Mine would be a diverse and friendly city, but one where people weren't very unified or community oriented, just waved at each other, never stopped to talk and work together much. They probably don't even know who the mayor is.

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    most parts of the city would be habitable, hospitable even. scattered with luxurious resorts and quaint boutique hotels worthy to be listed in relais chateuax. but that's what it would be, a resort town for passerbys.

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    the city would not have any functional buildings, bridges, roads, or businesses so therefore it would not be a city at all but moreso a bizarre area of a bunch of random weird artsy funky stuff like "burning man" . . . (even though i've never been but i've seen a documentary) and there would be hotdog vendors, starbucks keosks, icecream carts & dudes walking around selling burritos wrapped in tin foil out of little travel size coolers. in order to enter my city, you'd have to be interviewed first- briefly to make sure you're "cool" & weird colorful costumes would definately be encouraged- - everyone would be happy & having a good time but could not stay very long because they'd have to go to another city to get their basic needs met more efficiently / effectively.

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    I think my city would be really nice, but there would be wards with distinct moods and atmospheres, that would shift with the weather.

    strong intuitive feelerness

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    Tch! So oversensitive!
    Someone calls you out on the self-pitying and all of a sudden you're bundles of joy and "weird"?

    uh-oh, I've called you on your pathetic spinelessness, now you're probably going to react with all the fearlessness and lack of compromise in the world.

    ....but I like people, honest!!

    "Neurotic, ha!"
    I let out a scornful laugh.
    "If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at one and the same time, then I'm neurotic as hell.
    I'll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for the rest of my days.

    — Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar.

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    I'm glad I didn't post my orignal thought, I would have gotten massacred by some of the loathers of the self-loathers. And I guess, a lot of our posts are a bit over dramatic, but if anything it was a nice exercise in metaphor.

    I especially like this post:

    Hmmm...interesting thread.

    My city would be a safe little haven, protected and difficult to find among the wilderness. It would be filled with parks and quaint cozy little houses surrounding a picturesque lake. There would be lots of pathways and hiking trails around the city, every part would be connected in some way. The city would be stricken with chaos and turned into a gray, cold and bleak desert with no sunshine and hardly any oxygen every once in a while.
    I think I could live in this city

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    Mine would be full of drunk and forgetful hippies with ADHD on speed and marijuana. They'd all have accidents, make a big mess and the next day they wouldn't even remember. It would be a complete chaos. I don't think it would be a city, but more of a commune where everyone lives in oldtimers so the government couldn't have any influence on them, or at least, that's what these hippies would think. I don't even know for sure if they'd think, they'd just do stuff for no reason at all. They'd be trying to achieve something, some ideal, don't ask me what, don't ask them what, it's so freaking abstract no one knows what it is. But while they try to reach this ideal abstractness, they'd just be creating more and more of a mess. And the government would ask itself what the hell happened to their people and it wouldn't even know what to do about it.
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    My city sits in the water-in an ocean, with no land in site. It is very massive, totally black and shaped a bit like a tulip. It has a very narrow base, widens then splits into sections at the top-like petals of a black flower. Tiny paths allow a person to travel from section to section of the city. the sun can shine between the petals for brief stretches of time, but in the city an elaborate system of mirrors is in place to lengthen the daylight as needed. Everyone has balconies that line the inside of the petals to maximize the sunlight they receive. From the outside it is rather stark and severe, but due to the way the sunlight is captured and reflected, in the inside there is always a warm glow.

    The city can be hit by horrific storms which seemingly generate massive chaos in the wind, the ocean and will send the residents to hide inside while the storms rage, but the structure holds steady as though molded to the earths core at its base.

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