Although I haven't read all of the posts I would just like to say....Good Luck on finding that soul-mate! And for those who already have, I am honestly, truly happy for you guys.
I believe there is a person out there who will understand and appreciate me.....its just that I am scared that it will be too late by then. Getting married early is something of a tradition in my family. I have never been in a relationship before, nor have boys really interested me in that way. (not that I have had a chance to talk to many boys) because everyone I meet just.....doesn't understand me at all! Girls don't and boys are completely out of option. So I have decided to try becoming independent, (that will take some time though) as my mother is an ESFJ she totally does not understand my needs on this subject and is always fretting over my appearance.
I will find the person one day, just need to hold on until then. And I think you should too! Never give up! And so what if you aren't a flirt or ask guys out? That is your personality and should not change. We are looking for emotional love, not physical, and because of that we can be hated, as well as treasured.
I think I have said enough.......don't lose hope! And continue on, there are millions of people in this world after all, chances are never 0!