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    Default ENFPs and their social niche.

    Being an ENTP, I was planning to post this on the NT forum, but being something that would interest the NFs more, I'm posting it here instead. I'll be needing the perspective of an ENFP (being supposedly similar to an ENTP), since I think ENFPs can better handle and understand the situation.


    I'm a member of a Unitarian Universalist focused group. It's one of those small groups that cater to, mostly, liberal progressive spiritual minds--a very ENFP dominated group. Suits me fine.

    I came to wonder, if no such support groups exist, how do these ENFPs (or ENTPs, or the like) deal with a more natural social setting. Because in reality, we really seem like a small group of odd balls, yet at the same time, so extroverted.


    What I mean is, what if there's no INTP, ENTP, INFJ, ENFP, INFP, or ENFP in there and the social circle that we encounter would include:

    Lots of ESFJs, lots of ESFPs, lots of ESFPs, lots of ESTPs.

    How do you thrive in such a "challenging" demographic without having to draw too much of a pretentious Fe mask?

    Because honestly, sometimes, I feel that there's a bit of an artificial aspect to what a support group provides.


    Over the past few years, I've understood MBTI well enough to get a better picture of how I can get along with people (at least of compatible archetypes to my own type). Empirically, the chemistry is proven to be there. I've gathered enough close friends to have a good social buffer.

    I'm undergoing a phase right now, testing if I can extend this to more challenging archetypes, namely, ESFPs, ESFJs, and ESTPs, and honestly this has proven to be a make or break to me. I just can't fully do it right. In a way, this could be a slight jealously on how ENFJs do this flawlessly, but as an ENTP with only a tertiary Fe, this is proving to be an exhaustive challenge.

    I've had major misunderstandings lately with friends of these archetypes. Good thing I have enough "odd ball" friends to provide buffer, but seriously, I hate the cycle of getting into tussles.

    Do ENFPs encounter this on a cyclical basis, and if yuou guys do, how do you cope?

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    I don't. I either get them to see me as a funny weird guy that takes no sides (something most people can appreciate to an extent), or if I started really caring about every thing they said I would be constantly on their asses.

    So I become a cynic, dealing with so many Ss, since everyone seems so superficial in their talks. The other day I was talking with an ISTJ english guy with psychology degree. He seemed cool enough and all. But when I started going deep into psychology and the reasons why and this and that....he just told me I was getting too intellectual for him. I found that very funny.

    Basically I'm always wanting to break free. I would love to have more N friends. I have like 2 or 3 in different groups, and I rarely see them. It's mindnumbing and often feel people think I'm weirder than I actually am.

    But I can't say I don't tend to have a good rep, within these S groups. The chit chat though.....or talking about sports......I'm gonna die one of these days......

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    I find talking to many strong sensing types exhausting and occasionally awkward, especially when I am vastly out numbered.

    but arent we always out numbered? what more can we do than make the best of it?

    I am HIGHLY expressed intuitive and often have to shake myself to remind myself where I am, but even through all this, my VERY best friends are INFP (naturally it would seem) and, shockingly enough, ESFJ. and she's marevelous.

    I also have a very close friendship with an isfp and esfp.

    I've found I can't avoid these types and theyve sort of embraced all my quirks, due mostly to the fact that I am (or I've been told) very very nice, funny, and friendly.

    my other NF friends understand more about me and than my S friends.... but my ESFJ knows more and loves me more. and i love her dearly as well.

    as long as the conversations stay away from sports, tanning beds, and the jersey shore, I find I can manage well when I already know the people present and already feel comfortable with them.
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