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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerie View Post
    So how do you know if an ENFJ is actually attracted to you or is just being friendly?

    By the way, I am an INFJ, but I have the same problem. My husband calls me "innocently seductive."
    They would probably ask for your contact info?

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    Oh yeah! Guys that like me ALWAYS get the idea I'm romantically interested in them simply because of the way I interact. I try to be friendly, respectful, and fun, but many people often get the idea that I have a "thing" for the person when inside what I'm really thinking is that I simply want to be friends and have a nice, fun conversation or that I just wish they would go away, period. I've led so many guys on that I'm just not interested in because of it.

    there was this one enfj. she liked me alot and i liked her too. i invited her out to a party as my date. she ended up flirting ("being friendly") with every guy there. total attention wh*re. i know she didnt mean anything by it, but that was just her nature. afterwards i told her i didnt think things would work out between us and we broke up.
    Dang! Isn't that a bit harsh? Haha.

    I am actually the most loyal, faithful person you can meet and take relationships very seriously. I would have never cheated on my boyfriend (he broke up with me too, for the record...). I understand commitment and am hoping to find a long-term relationship. But I "flirted" with other people all the time...not that I considered it flirting, just that they decided to take it that way. They would joke around with me and I would joke back, because having the company and the attention is really nice. I don't understand why being a fun, friendly person is considered flirting. It's just in my nature and has no sexual or romantic intent...usually it's for humor more than anything.

    NOT returning the flirting actually makes me feel very awkward at times because it seems like I would look rude or stand-offish if I don't. I worry way too much about what other people think...and as a result I just end up giving them the wrong idea anyway. =/

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