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    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    this thread would be better (science!) with enneagram + instinctual subtype.

    My enneagram is 2w1, and after just acquainting myself with instinctual subtype (enneagram is new to me) mine appears to be seduction/aggression hmm

    Introverted Feeling (46.7)
    Extraverted Intuition (45.7)
    Introverted Intuition (37.5)
    Introverted Thinking(26.5)
    Extraverted Feeling (25.4)
    Extraverted Thinking (22.1)
    Extraverted Sensing (19.5)
    Introverted Sensing (17.0)

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    Boyfriend 1 and I broke up when my son was two weeks old when I was 18. I was single five years and completed undergrad. Boyfriend 1 and I got back together, for 7 years, then broke up again after I completed grad school. I was single for 3.5 years before dating boyfriend 2 who I am dating now.

    Very rare dates before boyfriend one and during the 3.5 year breakup. I'd rather be alone and independent than be in a relationship that did not have a future.

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