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View Poll Results: NF women - do you want children?

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  • I'm ENFJ - I want/have children

    1 1.05%
  • I'm ENFJ - I do NOT want children

    3 3.16%
  • I'm INFJ - I want/have children

    23 24.21%
  • I'm INFJ - I do NOT want children

    5 5.26%
  • I'm ENFP - I want/have children

    11 11.58%
  • I'm ENFP - I do NOT want children

    4 4.21%
  • I'm INFP - I want/have children

    15 15.79%
  • I'm INFP - I do NOT want children

    8 8.42%
  • I'm not NF

    6 6.32%
  • I'm not a female

    12 12.63%
  • I don't know yet or any other answer that's not in the poll

    7 7.37%
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    Senior Member Rebe's Avatar
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    I do want kids and always have.

    I have always loved children. I don't always love taking care of them and I have taken care of other people's children since I was a young teenager. Sometimes it's boring, sometimes stressful, sometimes fun, sometimes gross, sometimes frustrating. Spoiled brats are not fun, esp. if they are not your own.

    It's not because I am a 'woman' or I am a 'motherly' type, but I am more of a half mentor, half-child myself. I want to adopt children as I feel terrible there are children out there without even the basic foundation to survive and grow, to be given a chance to grow into a person.

    I don't necessarily want my own children. I'm really curious, sure and there's some odd little genetics pride going on, but actually giving birth to a child in this body, with these narrow hips ... ugh ... ew ... I do not deal with physical pain well, at all.

    Anyway, I'd like to foster the growth of someone. I'd like to take care of someone and raise them to the best of my ability and give someone a chance at life, whatever life ends up meaning to them. I want to love someone more than anyone else in the world. Also, I want someone who is mine, who is a part of me.

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    Wow, what a coincidence that this poll was posted today. I was contemplating posting something similar, but directed at all types, male and female. I am feeling the tick of my biological clock very strongly these days, and my husband and I plan to try very soon. As in next month. And now, as the time nears, I'm getting flashbacks of all those times when I thought it might not be a good idea to bring kids into this world. I mean, who am I to go around creating lives? I always struggled with this, but ultimately I decided that joy in life outweighs the suffering — and I know my husband and I will be great parents. Also, everyone says that having children is the most fulfilling part of life. But then are people just satisfying some need in themselves by having children? Would it be selfish to bring them into the world? (These questions were much more bothersome years ago when I considered myself agnostic though.)

    I just wonder if everyone goes through this or if people just pop out kids because that's what people do... without really thinking much about it. I'm pretty sure my sisters didn't think about it much.

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    No way in hell, thanks!

    In fact, I cant even date people with kids.

    Maybe, should the maternal in me win one day, i'll -adopt-.

    I'm making it a point to stop my genetic material in this generation. I see no purpose for the species and much less for its propagation.

    "Neurotic, ha!"
    I let out a scornful laugh.
    "If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at one and the same time, then I'm neurotic as hell.
    I'll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for the rest of my days.

    — Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar.

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    I do want to have kids. Biological or adopted or both, doesn't matter. Some day. That day might be far, far away, though. I've never felt this uncontrollable desire to have kids and I haven't dreamt about having them since my childhood. However, the thought of having kids has never intimidated me either. I've heard people around me say time and time again that they'd never have kids because their lives would be over and kids are just in the way, they value their independence too much. I've never really understood that kind of mentality because, you know, if you enter into something believing that it's going to be a disaster, chances are that it will be. So, I guess I still have that idealistic notion that no matter what, everything will be worth it in the end.

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    i consider the responsibility of parenthood to be an honor and a privilege and there is nothing i want or need for myself that i value greater than that. there is nothing i cherish more than the love that exists in family.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    What the hell is it with these NF polls and excluding guys? :steam:
    eh, did you not see the option 'I'm not a woman'? :P That option made me chuckle.

    I definitely want kids. Not until I'm out of uni and have more of an idea of where i'd like to go, though. I do wonder about being pretty introverted and what happens if you have a really extraverted kid? Not that I'd mind how extraverted/ introverted they were, but i just hope i'd have enough energy to keep up with them. Extraverts always seem to have so much energy :O

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    Initially I wanted 5. Now I'm down to 3. I've always had an innate desire to spawn my own brood (I generally blame it on being a Cancer rising when I know I won't get eye rolled).
    With dreamers, pure and simple, the imagination remains a vaguely sketched inner affair. It is not embodied in any aesthetic or practical invention. Reverie is the equivalent of weak desires. Dreamers are the aboulics of the creative imagination.

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    No. I do feel my bioclock going at times when I see my friends with their baby. But no. Really.

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    I used to want kids so bad that I thought I would be completely devastated if I found out I could not. Now I'm 26 and the thought that I'm near the age where people make big life decisions like getting married and having kids starts to sound scary. It's like "Of course, I want those things. But now? I'm still a kid! I'm not ready and I won't be ready any time soon!"

    But then again, someone told me that no one ever feels they are "ready" for children, then it happens, you panic, and then you realize "Hey, I can do this after all!"

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