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    When I was under real stress for months in a row I was actually devolving into an ISTJ. Very grumpy, obsessed about details and other people not doing things in the proper way, stuck in the past... Very Te driven too.

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    I will write more on this topic later this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelhair45 View Post
    So I read about the shadow functions of an ENFP. Berens believes they can emerge under stress. Apparently Ni Fe Ti and Se are the four that can emerge. I feel like I've been functioning in Ni Fe and Ti for quite a few years now. The past 5 or so years have been unbelievably stressful so it makes sense. Recently I have made changes in my outlook and have fallen back into more typical ENFP functions and I feel much happier, and comfortable.

    Anyone with similar experience?
    Actually yes. Says an ENFP who has been caught so long into her shadow and inferior functions that don't know anymore how to get back to normal except sometimes :,D
    I am 18, and I act as an Introvert since age 9. I think this is due to social anxiety, because as I am with people I trust or alone is like I finally can go back to myself. Now the social anxiety is almost gone, but its been so long since I showed my true personality that now doing it is jumping faaar from my confort zone.
    When I am with people I recently met or don't trust so much I act like the stereotypical ISTJ; extremely aware, stiff, quiet, I give the impression of being the most responsible person in the room. This happens as I am "posessed" by my lower functions (Te and Si)
    When I am REALLY down or tired, or sensitive I may seen an INFJ or INFP, like there is this thicc barrier between me and the exterior world which I can't even tresspass. Like when I'm in public, I act quiet, but with this sad, melancholic, afflicted aura that the people who cares about me notices. This happens when my shadow functions take me down.

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