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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Eyebrows View Post
    I've begun to let certain things that I don't care about slide, letting them 'fail' under others' poor leadership.. I've got problems but a waste o' time ain't one
    Stepping in and fixing other people's non-critical problems is not only a waste of time, but can also be politically dangerous at work
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    I prefer to work independently and not be in a leadership/'spotlight' position. So I'll definitely do the 'waiting' thing and let someone else take the reins first if they want to. But if the person who takes the reins is totally incompetent or just really isn't fit for getting things accomplished, I'll either try to get things moving on the side, I'll try to get myself out of the group (), or will take on most of it on my own and not rely on the others. haha.

    In job settings I pretty much always end up in leadership roles because my supervisors decide I'm good at that . I do think I do well, and I am confident in that, but I really don't like supervising/monitoring/babysitting others and it definitely can frazzle me if I end up having to juggle too many things. I can pull it off.. I just become mentally drained as time goes on.

    I kind of do the same in social settings.. I'll kick back and let others make the decisions, especially if I don't have a vested interest and don't really care what we do, but again, if everyone's just in a vegetative state and not moving and we'd planned on doing something/going somewhere, I might be the one to kick things into gear.
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    If someone HAS to be a leader and its an important project (and I doubt anyone will do the job properly), I will choose to be the leader. I love to work independently but I love leading just as much. Unfortunately, though I have a good head for the responsibility and tasks, most people I know think I'm shy or a flake and I rarely get a shot if it's not a volunteer situation. If it's something insignificant, I just keep to myself and won't bother stepping up to the plate, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RushAndAPush View Post
    Well I've been watching the show Lost for the past few weeks. It conveyed the importance of strong leadership and how it is essential for the wellbeing of a group. Are you guys leaders? Do people consider you leaders? Personally I'm only a leader in certain situations. For instance I've been in multiple groups that consisted of slackers. Unfortunately this forced me to become the leader or else i would get a horrible grade. I also have to feel superior to the people in the group (which isn't often at all). It's almost as if I need the right to lead them. It seems that if i had been raised differently I would have the ability to lead more people more efficiently. Its as if its in my blood but its never been tapped to its fullest potential.
    I've been in positions of leadership before and can handle the responsibility. Being a leader requires a lot of work and can have its moments, but it is satisfying to successfully lead a group of people to accomplish something great. People would not consider me a leader. My personality just isn't the type to show leadership. I'm more of a caregiver. If nobody else is going to be the leader, then I will step up and lead because it needs to get done.

    Feeling superior to your followers will give a person confidence to lead them better. How can you lead a person who knows what they are doing better than you can? I can understand this mentality, although I see leadership as more about charisma and the ability to get people to unite to work towards a common goal.

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