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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    Not so fast. Light is photons, and photons are characterized by their energy or wavelength. We use color designations to describe those photons whose wavelength falls in the range that human eyes can see: violet through red. We can equally well describe them in terms of wavelength, however: 400 nm - 700 nm. So, no light (no photons) means no color. On the other hand, light outside the visible spectrum might be described as having no color, since we cannot see it, and we cannot apply any of our color terminology to it.
    Color is an entirely mental phenomenon. There is no single wavelength for magenta, for instance. An intense black light may very well be possible if we modified our hardware. As for the original question about whether different people see colors differently this has been discussed ad nauseam, see Inverted Qualia.

    Inverted Qualia (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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    I'm not sure how alive this thread is but conversations with INFPs are pretty interesting. The last one I had with my uncle when like this:

    INFP: Hey man, you guys coming down to visit this summer?
    Me: Not sure, but the camping thing was fun we should go again.
    INFP: Aww man thats great we can do whatever. I had an idea though. Instead of the camping trip we could go to western Virginia. You know there are all these mines and rivers and this is where the first gold rush was and you can we emeralds the size of your fist annd ....
    Me: Yea that sounds great (knowing its not going to happen) I don't know we'll probably get down there for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

    Maybe its just a family quirk but both my INFP and my ENFP uncles are obsessed with mining and pan handling >.>
    Stupid as a man, say the women: cowardly as a woman, say the men. Stupidity in a woman is unwomanly.
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    INTJ: You are not very quick-witted [or some other impolite remark].
    INxP: Are you mad at me again?
    INTJ: No.
    INxP: o_O Ok.

    (I know only one person whom I know to be an INTJ.)

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