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    Quote Originally Posted by Orobas View Post
    100%. OP, be careful. The Ni doms spend much more time internally understanding their intuitions than we do, so I place more trust in the INFJ intuition than I would an ENFP.

    ENFPs are very well known for reading into situations or becoming offended upon an Ne-ism. Later we realized we acted too quickly and were totally wrong about the motives of the other person.

    Id suggest keeping your gut feelings in reserve as a very relevant data point-but behaving objectively until more concrete evidence can back up your thoughts. What you so should be based on the length, depth and requirements surrounding the relationship. Be cautious about any quick actions.
    as an enfp myself, i completely agree with orobas. also, i find that in the past, my fears and insecurities would "color" my intuition - i think it was kind of like "projection" / or i was looking really hard for something & of course, if you look hard enough, you will usually find it & you will usually magnify the little tiny thing & then see it again & again & again until you destroy everything prematurely because you cannot live with the anxiety of what you saw / noticed / observed. so yes, best NOT to act & instead consult your local INFJ for advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    No. You cant know what the correct answer is because some couples tend to make more children of the same sex than others.
    Yes, we do know what the correct answer is. This is a probability problem. The "correct answer" is determined by the information we possess.

    If we don't have certain pieces of information, those pieces aren't part of the formulation. If we possessed the information you claim we require, we would have a different formulation and with a different probability. But even if we had that information, there could still be other information that would change the probability drastically.

    For example, let's say we have the "older child is a boy" information, and we also know that this man and his wife have genetics that predispose them to a 90% probability of each child being a boy. (I dunno how we get that info, but let's say we do.) Then we could conclude that the probability that the other child is a boy is not merely 50%, but is instead 90%.

    But wait! If we get yet another piece of information, such as "the other child's name is Sue," then the probability of the other child being a boy drops from 90% to near zero.

    [YOUTUBE=""]But NOT COMPLETELY zero .... Mwahahahah![/YOUTUBE]

    Sadly, this all distracts from my primary point. It's obvious that if we have more information, we have a better estimation of probability. What isn't obvious is that subtle changes of phrasing can alter probability far more than one might think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GemPOPGem View Post
    So i am feeling yet again that i know something intuitively about a person. I don't want to believe it so yet again i try to bury it. Ultimately i will wish i acted on it and earlier but i really don't want to be right, this is the down side of intuition. Probably more true for NF's.
    So would it be better to be blind to these things?

    I don't use it as a final tentative answer. I keep it in mind to explore what I don't know out of curiosity.

    If it's a nagging feeling, and just doesn't put me at ease no matter how much I refute to myself, find ways to relax/breath, but it keeps coming up, then I start to challenge myself and say "Why?"

    I know that regardless of outcome, as long as I have myself intact, then whatever I situation I face, I know I can handle..

    I like the part of - not wanting to face the inevitable. I think it's also my stubborn self kicking myself in the ass. I like situations where I'm proven wrong, when things change for the positive when I least expect it. For some reason, it's like making peace with an 'unknown' past or somethin'.. I'm kinda weird like that.:crazy: Just my intuitive, wishful self.

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