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    Quote Originally Posted by Bassai View Post
    I think its due to some reason:
    - The definition (faith,value,utility...) of "bestfriend" is not the same as your.
    - Our IJ make us not funy as EP, so yes we are good to give advice but we are pretty boring (hope its wrong )
    - I think its more harder to stay intimate to a friend than a comitent.
    Right on!!!

    Number 1: Yea, that is something to be kept in mind here - the scale of values.

    Number 2: (us being boring)... Yep I can confirm. Hardly any surprise here. Other INFJ I know got that kind of reaction in parties. Ppbly same with me too. We're like a great product but the window display really sucks.

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    I agree with Immaculate Cloud. If you're not into intensity or quiet, quirky stuff, I admit INFJs can be pretty boring

    To the OP: Yes, I've been in that situation. However, most of the time, it's me who sort of drifted away once the problem was over. Once I'm done 'fixing' something, it's hard to keep in touch with the person afterward, because usually we didn't exactly establish a deep, meaningful connection during the time. It's not that I don't care about them. I do. But fixing problems is more 'task-based', if you will, and I don't think there's that much of an opportunity to really bond. I would feel selfish if I talked about myself or other unrelated things (other than the problem) when the person clearly needs help with something more serious.

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